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  • Pre-Filmation He-Man

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  • Filmation He-Man

    3 21.43%
  • New Adventures He-Man

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  • MYP He-Man

    6 42.86%
  • Revelation He-Man

    3 21.43%
  • CGI He-Man

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  • None of them!

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Thread: Animated MOTU He-Man Battle Royale!

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    Animated MOTU He-Man Battle Royale!

    Of the ANIMATED versions of He-Man (no book, comic, magazine, movie, figure, etc.), who would walk away the winner from a battle-royale?

    1. Pre-Filmation He-Man

    2. Filmation He-Man

    3. New Adventures He-Man

    4. MYP He-Man

    5. Revelation He-Man

    6. CGI He-Man

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    Have to give the edge to the MYP He-man. They really showcased his Strength and almost everyone on that show was a super skilled warrior ninja
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    I would say MYP as well.

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    Gotta love Filmation as it rocketed He-man to popularity and without it, I don’t think much of the fandom would exist 40 years later.

    MYP was also great. It really was a proper, respectful revival. True to source material while growing the mythology in logical, unforceful ways.

    Revelation was a big let down because of what it could have been. Great voice cast, beautiful animation, etc. If only the show was more in line with that first trailer... Didn’t much care for the treatment of characters and much of the story beats.

    CGI is fun for what it is, a show fully aimed at a younger audience. Lots a changes to be different, but still more familiar than New Adventures.

    We only get He-man media every 20 years, so I want to visit with and dig into characters I know. We don’t need to reinvent the formula or change everyone. 200X/MYP was a model revival.

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    In terms of animation (visuals) only (not taking into account other aspects of the respective incarnations, such the storytelling, soundtrack, controversies, etc.), the gold medal, in my view, undoubtedly has to go to Revelation, which boasts the best animation work of any MotU media so far hands down. The silver medal Iʼd give to the “Pre-Filmation” commercial (animated by Filmation, in fact), if only for its charming recreation of that classy and classic look-nʼ-feel of the early Alcalá/Texeira minicomics. Then the bronze medal has to go to MYP. The rest I would not even consider as contenders for the podium (especially not the visually sacrilegious CGI one, which I find to be a nicely interesting version storytelling-wise, but makes my eyes bleed in pain).
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    Revelation He-Man for me.
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