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    Cadoz-or - Evil Havoc Enforcer- One of the the Supreme Arbitors Elite Eleven, Cadoz-or tended to side with with evil, where as Zodac tended to side with good, although both were to maintain neutrality. When the final confrontation with the Cosmic Enforcers came to a head after the Reawakening, and the Supreme Arbitor was ousted and defeated, taking with him some of the Elite Eleven that survived the battle. Taking the name Cadoz-or, to spite Zodac, he formed his renegade version of the Cosmic Enforcers, the Havoc Enforcers, to give advantage to the side of evil. Pulled a bit from the CGI Heman by using Havoc as the name of the new evil enforcers, seen on the box art of some of the Origins vehicles we have received, but these were actually from original box art by Rudy Obero of unnamed warriors, that were more prominent then others, and Axel and Francisco have now made into characters we might expect to see as future figures. I just saw Rudy at Power Con and got to ask him about these characters and he admits he just added them to add more barbarians to the mix. I'm excited to see these characters fleshed out more. Recipe

    Cadoz-Or - Head, armor, axe and shield by Francisco Javier Avila Carmona (secrets of orko) on IG, Buck, arms, and legs of Geldor, and loin of Thunder punch He-man. I strayed from the OG pics a bit as i was a bit to matchy matchy with Zodac, want to stray a bit more from what is on that.

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    So that's Cadoz-or (circled) on the box art of Wind Raider.
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