Up for grabs are what remains of my 200x collection, a large majority of which has been sold.

Here are the stragglers that remain (all MOC/MIB):

Hordak Mini-Statue/Staction - $80
Grizzlor Mini-Statue/Staction (bubble has lifted) - $50
Evil-Lyn Mini-Statue/Staction (orb was never included in the package; factory error) - $80
Clawful Mini-Statue/Staction - $45

King Randor Mini-Statue/Staction (SDCC Exclusive; #1545/2000) - $90
Clamp Champ Mini-Statue/Staction - $45
Snout Spout Mini-Statue/Staction - $45
SDCC She-Ra Exclusive - $85

Shipping is not included in the price, but if anyone is interested please feel more than welcome to reach me via PM or email at [email protected].