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Thread: ENTIRE MIB MOTU Classics Collection for sale

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    ENTIRE MIB MOTU Classics Collection for sale

    Hello, and thanks for reading!

    I made the rough decision to part with my MIB MOTU Classics collection. I am adding figures/vehicles etc in this thread as I dig them out of storage. Layoffs are rough on us all. Please give them a good home. When selecting figures, I purchased numerous subs to hand-pick the best ones to keep boxed. Many of them are in gradable condition. Pics can be supplied upon request, but with everyone resigning at work, getting out of work to take pics may be reserved for weekends. This is the first of MANY figure dumps. The entire collection will be up for grabs, from Mattel's SDCC 2008 King Grayskull through Super7's Snake Mountain. The prices reflect both the condition they are in plus the time spent vetting this particular collection. I hope you agree.

    Shipping + Insurance:

    - $10 1 figure
    - $15 2 figures
    - Free Shipping on 3 figures or more!
    - I will mail internationally if requested. The buyer accepts all liability for Customs, tariffs and any other charges that arise from shipment to the buyer. Trackable shipping (priority, global express etc) may be pricey but it protects you and me!
    I am not accepting refunds. I accept PayPal. When payment is received, the figure(s) is earmarked for the buyer.

    I have the entire collection! I have beyond what I post here, but I pulled these out first. If you wish to add to what you see here, you can, but I have to see if I can locate it. I am only listing what I found first. There is A LOT in storage.

    The first lot:

    Classics singles sales list: (early releases without white mailers have substitute boxes to protect the figures)

    He-Man: 1st release $200
    Skeletor: 1st release $180
    Beast Man: $140
    Stratos: $80
    Faker: $180
    Mer-Man: $130
    Zodac: $90
    Hordak: $100
    Man-At-Arms: $190
    He-Ro: $75 green gem $100 red gem $125 purple gem
    Webstor: $150
    Zodak: $80
    Scareglow: $300
    Teela $140
    King Randor: $130
    Goddess: $125
    Tri-Klops: $250
    Optikk: $100
    Grizzlor: $110
    Whiplash: $175
    Count Marzo: $40
    Keldor: $125
    Evil-Lyn: $150
    Trap Jaw: $250
    Wun-Dar: MIB figure only, no poster/extras $240
    She-Ra: $150
    Princess Adora: $110
    Buzz-Off: $150
    Roboto: $130
    Chief Carnivus: $75
    Moss Man: $100 Unflocked ears, $200 flocked errors variant
    Battle Armor He-Man: $180
    King Grayskull: $175 2nd release, Classics packaging, non-SDCC, flocked cape
    Sy-Klone: $100
    Man-E-Faces: $130
    Battleground Teela: $75
    Snout Spout: $120 with sticker sheet, $110 without

    I am also jr.chan on ebay if you wish to read seller feedback.

    And again...please give them a happy home. PM me with any questions. Thank you!

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    Sorry to hear you have to part with your collection during these hard times. That's never an easy decision.

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    Hello, Pmed you about it. Looking forward to hear from you. Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteshadow2 View Post
    Hello, Pmed you about it. Looking forward to hear from you. Best regards
    Let me know...regards

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