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Thread: The Ponder-or

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    The Ponder-or

    The Ponder-or- A concept drawing character at a time when motu was just getting on its feet, designers like Ted Mayer and Roger Sweet put some of these characters front and center and years later, character like Wrap Trap emerged as viable options for Mattel to produce in the Classics line thru Super 7. The Horde Brain concept was a fun idea of a character with an exposed brain. There were actually 2 horde characters that shown with this unique trait, the other looking more like a Crab, which made it even stranger, but the theme of having an exposed brain continued down the line with 2 more Characters, the Mind Beast from the 80's MOTU Marvel comics, and BrainWave, one of the finalists in the 80's CAC Contest that later made it into the Defenders of Trolla for the 5th mini comic associated with Classics. Wanted him to be a bit of a both combative character as well as and intellectual, hence the name, almost lending himself to be a seer like character the Hordak could seek advice from, kinda like a Peekablue for the Great Rebellion.

    Onto the Recipe. used a Skeletor body, legs, arms minus a left Slushhead hand to give the hand casting feel, Stratos loins, and Hordak boots, Tricolps armor, with a casted Vykron head and a brain i found in a curosity shop. I combined the two together with some apoxie and had my head. Batros mace for a weapon.

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    This looks great! Especially like the use of Slushhead's hand. And the head is fantastic!
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