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Thread: DCEU Complete REBOOT?

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    DCEU Complete REBOOT?

    WW3 cancelled? MOS 2 cancelled?

    Black Adam... GO AWAY

    Aqua Man... i say cancel that too, i dont want to see jason mamoa anymore.

    whatever.. CANCEL EVERYTHING and reboot

    DCEU has been and is a complete mess
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    For me, the DCEU has been absolutely wonderful and I definitely want more!
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    I stated in another post that I would prefer they just scrap the DCU in general. And concentrate on making individual movies and their sequels.
    In that post I said I really enjoyed the Robert Pattinson Batman movie, which I was surprised at because I donít really rate him as an actor in general. But I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the tone of the movie. I liked that this Batman doesnít kill but he will beat you into a coma and leave you barely breathing, I liked that it felt like a detective movie in the vein of seven and a complete departure from the comic book movie genre.
    At the moment Iíd rather see more of pattinsons batman for the time being.
    My fave is still Tim Burtonís Michael Keatonís version though

    I always feel like I donít really know where the DCU is heading, because nothing connects except the characters.
    Like with MCU it was all connected by the infinity stones so it made sense where as now currently I donít feel itís felt as connected which is why people have been confused by their choice. And I know the multiverse is the thing atm and Kang coming into play but it hasnít been as intrinsically woven into all the properties like in the infinity saga.
    And I think for me thatís why the whole DCU has felt like phase four of the MCU having no real defining arch running through it

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    They shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. DC/Warner... who ever, needs to focus on better stories and not so much on making profit (yes they need that to survive, or else it would be bad business) that'll come if the film is great (hopefully).

    The DCEU both suffered and flourished by having Snyder as the architect, his vision may not have been for everyone, but the films he had his hands in felt connected, it shows with the two versions of Justice League. The theatrical JL film seems like it belongs in the same universe as all the other DC films that Snyder didn't direct. They all come off as Marvel clones... but the clone of a clone of a clone (think of the doofus version of Michael Keaton from Multiplicity).

    On the same hand, we've had over 20 years of non-stop super hero films. Either we need a break from them and this wasn't DCs time, or we need more care put into the DCEU...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MossMan710179 View Post
    On the same hand, we've had over 20 years of non-stop super hero films. Either we need a break from them and this wasn't DCs time, or we need more care put into the DCEU...
    Agreed. I'll let DC to make a move when the opportunity is right. especially getting out of pressure from the Marvel Mania craze atm.

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    From the beginning I was always very on board with the idea of deliberately trying to NOT copy Marvel's formula and instead try and be entirely different. I mean, they've always had drastically different approaches to presenting super-heroes anyway, so it just made sense that the DC movies would zig where the Marvel movies zagged, as well.

    For one thing, DC was forever damned by being second to market with their "shared universe" of films. I've always sort of suspected that the market can't truly sustain two big super-hero movie franchise "universes" at the same time, it's just far too much to absorb for most people and thus whoever hit the market first would have an ingrained edge, not just financially but also in the court of public opinion, and that is more or less how it played out.

    But to be second to market AND also be a blatant copycat? Well, that would be even worse, to my thinking. That's why whenever people insist that "ALL they have to do is do Exactly Like Marvel Does!" I sort of groan and roll my eyes. There really is no promise that it would "fix" or help anything, and as we've seen and as you so astutely pointed out, MossMan, the DC movies that try the hardest to be "MCU Clones" are among the worst of their output, and also have failed to draw any money. So obviously "just do it like Those Other Guys do it" isn't some kind of magic formula. It's not enough to just copy your neighbor's work and get an A+, people who are savvy see right through that.

    So yeah, I know I'm supposedly in the minority but I was a huge fan of the DCEU initially having its own identity and approach to things, and was sad they rather quickly gave up on that idea. I know the initial output was "divisive" but the numbers simply don't lie: The more and more the DCEU films blatantly try and copy the MCU formula, the more people just shrug it off. Black Adam wasn't a bad example of "DC making an MCU movie", in fact it's probably the closest thing to an MCU movie except maybe Shazam!, but in neither case did brighter colors, a lighter tone, more jokes or a generally lighthearted atmosphere magically generate box office revenue, despite many people on the internet insisting for years that it automatically would. So clearly "Just do it like Marvel" isn't a winning strategy for them, either.

    WB being so hyper-reactionary all the time sure doesn't help. I've always had a feeling that if left alone, the DCEU would have found its audience in time once people saw where the through-line story was heading; the fact that most people liked Snyder's JL and felt like it explained/redeemed some of the more divisive things from earlier movies sort of reinforces that. Maybe that audience wouldn't ever have been as large as that of the MCU, but more people come around on those early DCEU movies every day and regardless of all else, they were profitable movies. But regardless of the approach, or which type of fan you hope to attract, you can't instill ongoing confidence among ANY type of fan when your only consistent strategy is "Cancel a bunch of stuff and threaten massive reboots every time something doesn't hit an arbitrary metric."

    I mean, that's why I personally just wash my hands of it. I have no emotional investment anymore. 99% of the DC movies they announce never happen, anyway. Because when their "serious" movies under-perform, they pivot to going full ga-ga; then when the "just a fun romp" ones under-perform, they stunt-cast Pattinson as Batman and make a movie that's like "What if it were Nolan's Batman, but cheaper-looking and a lot less fun?" ALL they ever do is "counter-program" based on however the last movie did, or whatever the critics in EW said, and that's just no way to do it. There's no consistency that way. It's why they're forever a day late and a dollar short.

    I mean, as a DC fan since birth, I'd like to see them succeed. But as someone who's seen WB's track record over many years, in my heart I know we've already seen the best they can possibly do and I don't actually expect them to ever get out of their own way with regard to this franchise. They are way too bipolar, reactionary, and insecure to ever get it to work. If you don't even give the roots time to take hold before you start ripping them out of the ground and replacing them with something else, you're simply never gonna get anything to blossom.
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    Gunnís been in this position for about 5 minutes, Iím more than happy to wait to hear what heís got planned, what his roadmap is, before I start ******** all over the DC stuff.

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