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Thread: Supreme Arbitor in MOTUC

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    Supreme Arbitor in MOTUC

    Supreme Arbitor- the Leader of the Cosmic Enforcers- the ones that maintain and dole out neutrality throughout the 5 dimensions. You would think that a being given such a task would suited to be able to handle powers given to him, as it has been proven in the past, with great power, comes great responsibility, and there are few that can muster the mental fortitude not to abuse it. Unfortunately it seems that The Supreme Arbitor lost his way and used his "Elite Eleven"(click to link who some of these might be) to carry out secret atrocity missions in the name of "Neutrality". We tend to side with good most of the time, but we have seen the Cosmic Enforcers Help the bad guys from time to time to balance neutrality (Zodac giving Skeletor the location of the starseed of the Eterian dimension, Zanthor, Karsack and Levitha resurrecting Skeletor from Trolla with the Havoc Staff). But wiping out Levitan, to counteract the affects of the Reawakening, even though many evil doers were resurrected as well(Skeletor, King Hsss, Unnamed one, etc) seems to lean much more to the evil side then maintaining Neutrality. Here some bios that explore that.

    Recipe-Used a Flogg buck and arms, Batros hands with a Marvel legends Skirt loin, Prince Adam legs and Flogg boots. The armor came from New Eternia Zodac, as it included the should pads which work perfect for the character with the only real image we have of him. So with the head i could have just gone with regular Zodac head but wanted to bring out a bit more Brutish features as ultimately he becomes a bad guy in the scheme of things, so choose this head off of ebay, an alien being of some sorts. Finally the staff comes from Evil Mikes shapeways shop, although i have another idea im trying to get made for him.

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    interesting story concept and nice job on the figure itself.

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