Hi guys, I'm having a slight problem with this site (now they've been great to me over the last few years so it's not that I'm not grateful) But I basically cant get them to stop billing me when new figures come in stock? So for example, I'd put a figure in my pile of loot, and then from out of nowhere they would suck the price of the figure off my card without even sending me a notification to say, for example 'in stock now and do you wanna pay for it now etc'. This week for example they took the few quid I had in my account till my next paycheck. In order to try stop this I noticed that there is no facility for you to go into your account and try to cancel your existing card payment method. All you will get is a facility to add another card which is bull (and I don't want to do!!!). I looked a bit further and if you want to cancel your whole BBTS account you have to call them which again is bull cause I don't wanna do cause I want the option to buy from the store again in future...BUT ONLY WHEN i HAVE THE CASH TO DO SO PLEASE! Any suggestions?