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    Fright Zone Man

    Fright Zone Man- So we got characters like Light Hope and Castle Grayskull man, obviously ideas would migrate towards characters for other playset, and they came to Fruition with characters Ka (snake mountain man(, Vypor, (viper tower), and Saz (Central Tower), one of the ones that never got fleshed out in the classics bios, but still has a chance to sneak in with the remain bios is Fright zone man, the amalgum of all the things we know and love from the toy Fright Zone we had as kids. Now ive foud that when you the first to produce an idea, It tends to stick in the minds of people, and i beleive this is one of the first drawings of fright zone man, which is absolutely fantastic in my opinion. It takes all elements of the playset and combines it into one neat action figure.
    Recipe: Fairly easy recipe, used a Callix base, removed the right arm and gave him a Grott arm, Buzz off lower legs, and a head from adam bradley freeman on shapeways, Added some ravens to his tree arm and gave him an awesome fodder box find weapon that suits him well. I actually finished this guy during powercon but had a change of heart on the lower feet to match the art work better, even snuck in a small raven into the mix on the weapon. Let me know what you think.
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