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    Felinor- another Fuerza-T character that appeared in the background of the Slamarui / Snake Trooper 3 pack,3 pack.jpg the other one that appeared, or was supposed to appear was Carnivore, the Webstor/Stratos Mashup, for the 3rd ultimate battle ground, but and a few other characters were left in the final shot leaving a blaring hole in the top right corner of the two page panel3 ugb 2.jpg. All 4 of them appeared on Battle Cat Origins box art, , but what is some interesting that i learned is there were two factions that the the arconas (spider- Felinor and Carnivore ) and Scorpious (the other two) where as all the good guys were under one banner. One theory i came up with was to have the Evil Fuerza -T be the minions of Satma- an evil wizard who looked exactly like Skeletor but with horns (German audio plays), in a pocket dimension called hyper space. It was said that his minions looked even more gruesome then Skeletors, making sense as the are mash ups of his warriors. Anyway onto the recipe- Used a Masterverse Stinkor head Carnivus buck, left arm, upper thighs and feet, tung lashor loin, and jackel man right arm, changed out the gauntlet to from a carnivus to mutant leader and used beast man lower legs. Faker armor in which i removed the skull and crossbones from the center and put a carnivus belt buckle there instead and a fire armor skeletor staff and masterverse faker sword as accessories. These are all from a batch of characters i had done around powercon but never finished the final components finally getting to them now. Almost view him as a shaman like character.
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    The artist had Felinor's face darkened in order to remain mysterious.
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