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    Kaytara- the Silaxian warrior that was able to tame the heart of the mighty warrior Fisto during his stint in the tri solar galaxy, helping he-man and shera destory horde prime and the space mutants. I wanted to create a bit more of a back story for her since she only appears in one bio, as well as tie it in to recipe for the custom. Before she got together with Fisto, she helped Mara defeat the Necrons, learning many new battle techniques from her, including learning the ancient art form of the BattleBraid, aned combining it with her own methods. She became one of Huntara's most trusted LTs as well as mother to one of the most important characters to the Son of Heman era, Kayla.

    Recipe- Used a Mara buck and legs, huntara arms and head, but changed out her ponytail for mara's ponytail. Found similar swords to Huntara's in red Think she came out awesome,

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    Awesome! Kaytara's braid can be used to bludgeon her enemies too.
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