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Thread: Just how long ago was Preternia?

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    Just how long ago was Preternia?

    How long ago does everyone reckon the age of King Grayskull and He-Ro was in relation to the present day? Was it five hundred years, making them the equivalent of early modern monarchs from a period of clear recorded history? Was it five thousand, making them more like the equivalent of Gilgamesh? Or was it an even greater span of time?

    The various characters who've been around all the time since in recent Motu fiction (Zodak, Moss Man, Sharella/the Goddess) would suggest a relatively short period of time but the age of Castle Grayskull, the transformation of the landscape and the disappearance of the cyborg dinosaurs would suggest rather longer. So which of the various takes is it?

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    I'm certain Scott Neitlich stated that the 500 years printed in one of the bios (I forget which one) was an error and that 5000 years was the correct time period since the reign of King Grayskull, making he and He-Ro well ancient.
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    In one of the "director's commentaries", Neitlich said that the plan was originally 500 years (in part to accommodate old characters like Hordak and Moss Man being in both settings while still being a long time) but Mattel Entertainment Group requested it be changed to 5000, so they changed the bios midway through Classics.

    However, Kevin Smith went back to 500 years with the Revelation prequel comic.

    There isn't really ONE continuity for He-Man.

    Filmation, 80s DC, Alcala Mini-Comics, later Mini-Comics, Marvel, 2000s DC, Newspaper strips, 1987 movie, 200x, Classics, Origins Mini-Comics, Revelation, CGI, etc. all have their own spin.

    However, Revelation is the most recent ad does seem to be influencing Origins at least in terms of the details not found in vintage media even though none of the new storyline has bled over.

    It's also possible the plan at one point was less than 500 years. There is that Mattel licensed poster with Adam's uncle Keldor in Preternia. That might imply just a couple of decades.

    The best vintage source would probably be the UK comics with Keclar but I don't have those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret View Post
    It's also possible the plan at one point was less than 500 years. There is that Mattel licensed poster with Adam's uncle Keldor in Preternia. That might imply just a couple of decades.
    That implies time travel.

    Keldor has been hinted to time travel to Preternia. It was also used for 200x comic.

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    500 seems like not enough time. Eternians seem to live for a very long time, and not just gods like Moss Man or whatever Hordak is in whatever continuity you pick. You’d have a lot of contemporaries of Grayskull roaming around if it’s only 500 years.

    5000 seems like a comically long time based on our own real world history. One unbroken Royal line (assuming that the power of Grayskull is hereditary) doesn’t hold water to me.

    So in my own head I think 1000 makes more sense… though one dynasty lasting that long is still pretty weird.

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    Here's the official Classics timeline:
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