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    The Slitherian

    The Slitherian- So new character created by the Origins which has been giving us some cool new characters. Anyway was the story goes adora gets thrown in the fright zone prison, with some other prisoners ( a scientist, a Trollan, and a reptile man), they try to make an escape but one by one they get caught. I like the look of this guy, he is like a mix of Lizzor and Lord Gr'asp, but his face looked a bit too much like lizzor so when i was looking for a head for this custom, i wanted something that looked reptilian, but not exact replica. Recipe- Spiderman the lizard head, eldor hood, darius buck, eldor inner shirt cut out, 200x king hssss arms and legs, a loin i got from a fodder lot, not sure where its from, but it looks to be from a samurai, prince adam boots and lizard man feet, cape from fodder lot. Weapon from Jackelman. Interested to see more of this character, but i doubt we will.

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