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Thread: The Redecos/Variants We Never Got After the 1987 Movie

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    The Redecos/Variants We Never Got After the 1987 Movie

    This is just kind of a quick thought but while He-Man and Skeletor and Hordak (and She-Ra in her own line) got figure variants/refreshes, most of the other core MOTU figures did not.

    Origins is a line with a lot of redecos and reuse (much like vintage) but much of the redecos have focused on bringing in lore from other versions of MOTU like 200x or realizing minicomics designs. This is all great from a hardcore nostalgia POV but I have a different question: imagine it's 1987/1988 and you're tasked with bringing the major characters back to retail.

    What do you do?

    Do you expand out the Battle Armor gimmick to everyone?

    Laser Light He-Man and Skeletor seemed to draw inspiration from the 1987 movie (and its final battle) without actually licensing those designs.

    What if you do THAT?

    Super7 did a Reaction Man-at-Arms with the vintage design but with colors inspired by the 87 movie.

    Thinking like an 80s toy designer:

    Stealth Man-at-Arms. Man-at-Arms head with a mustache painted on. Basic torso with original chest armor. Man-E-Faces arms, crotch, and legs. Deco'd like movie Man-at-Arms. Includes a rifle.

    Laser Teela. Classic Teela with Sorceress legs. Painted in a movie color scheme with leggings and covered arms. Includes a laser rifle.

    Laser Evil-Lyn. Classic Evil-Lyn but with white skin, a brown outfit, gray arms and legs, and metallic vac metal torso with painted detail. Includes a laser rifle.

    Beast Man. This one's a little easier to envision as some of the comic books and the newspaper strip actually adapted his look after the movie, despite not doing the same with other characters. The movie comic adaptation also did this despite not using movie costumes for other non-toy characters. It's vintage Beast Man in shades of brown with blue trunks and new dark brown movie-style padded armor (and sometimes his shoulder armor from the toy and sometimes his movie thigh pads).

    Do these 4 plus Stout-licensed Movie design He-Man and Skeletor (give He-Man Laser He-Man's head) plus the three movie tie-in figures and mini-comics or Stout-licensed Karg and you essentially have the full cast, as we likely would have gotten them in the 80s.

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