Hello to all you custom aficionados, I have a question for ya'.

Awhile ago on eBay, I saw someone who was selling a custom Classics Zodak that utilized the belt/loincloth from the 200x version to make it 200x style instead of having the figure using the recycled He-Ro waist. It looked very cool, my question is could it be so simple as to use boiling or microwaved water to remove the torsos and legs on both the
Classics and 200x figures to do a simple swap, or would it be more complex than that?

A few years ago I saw one of He-Bro's videos that demonstrated how to take apart a Classics figure, but I don't know if that same method could be used for a 200x figure? For those of you who have taken apart a 200x figure, is the peg attached to the torso as in Classics, or is the peg on the waist like in Origins?