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Thread: Need ideas for Eternia Towers display table

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    Need ideas for Eternia Towers display table

    I bought this display table from a thrift store (for $5) and am currently stripping the paint off. Gonna use it to display my vintage Eternia Playset on the top (it's the perfect size) It'll be the centrepiece of my toy room.

    20230313_182932.jpg 20230313_182944.jpg

    It has 2 sturdy, slide out drawers with plenty of height on each, so I'm thinking of battle dioramas in each one, with vintage vehicles and figures.

    So, what should I do with the outside of the unit? Paint colour suggestions? Graphics? I work at a digital printers, so anything is possible. I was thinking the red rock burst logo on one side, but I'm here to listen to ideas.

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    So more than likely your display is going to be 'busy' with figures and vehicles, so I would go with something simple yet impactful on the sides. The focal point is on top of the table, not the sides of the table. You don't want the art to take away or compete with the display, so something like the bursting rocks is a great idea to spice up the sides of the table without being a distraction from your actual display.

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