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Thread: We need new Stargate Toys

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    We need new Stargate Toys

    So a month or two ago I started introducing my wife to Stargate. Been a while since I've watched it myself. She is loving it and I'm remembering just how great this series was (ignoring universe). But man, there are no toys that are up to snuff on these and it's a shame because there could be some really great ones. I mean heck army building the different jaffa alone would be fun.

    What do y'all think? Who should get the license? Or is this just a great series whose time has passed?

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    As a longtime Stargate fan(heck, I still watch it a few times a week) I think this is an excellent idea. We need accessories like a gate/ command center, a Goa'uld Sarcophagus and so many Jaffa and those Goa'uld snake armored dudes. All over it.

    I also really want some awesome ultimate style Farscape figures. There are so many great designs in that show.

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    Was there ever any Stargate toys at all? I only remember 1/6 model kits for the movie back in the day.

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    Diamond Select had an SG-1 and Atlantis line. I believe there were 4 or 5 waves of SG-1 and 3 of Atlantis. Every member of the team got made, including Jonas, Cam, and Vala. There was also Thor, several Serpent Guards, an Ori Prior, Anubis, and Repli-Carter. Atlantis had most of the Season 2 team and a bunch of different Wraiths. Each wave also came with Build-A-Figure parts to make some of the tech. In the end, we got:

    An SGC Gate, complete with ramp
    A DHD
    A MALP
    A Ring Transport
    An Atlantis Gate
    The Atlantis Control Chair

    Fun line. I'd love another take on, though!

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    Eaglemoss was starting to make Stargate models in the same style as their Star Trek starship collection. I believe a few of them are going on sale in the next day or two on They're expected to sell out super quick though because it's just left over stock. A lot of the Star Trek stuff was available this morning but sold out now.
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    Hasbro did a line of figures when the movie came out, I don't think they looked much like the characters in the movie though.

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