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Thread: SDCC Randor/Mosquitor/Jitsu Stactions Foe Sale

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    SDCC Randor/Mosquitor/Jitsu Stactions For Sale

    Up for grabs are various stactions for sale. The Randor is the original one offered at SDCC, and not the AFX Exclusive that was offered later. It still has the tape on the styrofoam, never removed.

    The Mosquitor looks intact, though the "needle" on the gun has broken off, and I do have that as well as the stand for it, though it is not pictured. Jitsu, what you see is what you get, as he is not complete (no weapons), and had the infamous issue with the ponytail. I *do* have that somewhere, I have to find it.

    That said, asking $150 for the Randor, $100 for Mosquitor, and $50 for Jitsu. If anyone is interested, please feel more than welcome to reach me via PM or via email at [email protected]. Thanks!


    Mosquitor and Jitsu have **SOLD.**
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