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    Toxoid- The venomous tracker and hunter of the Diabolical Snakes. A Member of Tung Lashors house of Lashor, Toxoid was one of the first Diabolical Snake to feel the wrath Of Vypor , after Zodak beheaded king Hssss. Using him as an example to the rest, he forced Toxoid to drink an excessive amount of the Venom of Serpos, pouring the venom from the eye sockets of his Wand of Viperida , thinking this display will strike fear into the other Diabolical Snake, feigning subserveant loyalty to Vypor. Due to the nature of the members of House Lashor, Toxoid's Body absorbed the poison, mutating him into a the creature he is today. The mutation caused his body to bloat out, literally forcing the poison to the surface of his skin , creating a toxic, slimy coat that constantly surrounds him. Anyone who touches instantly feels the effects of the Venom. Quick Flick enjoy working with him as he has access to a different more powerful type of venom then his own.

    Recipe- Fairly easy repaint, Tung lashor head, buck, legs, and hands, with Infected Superman arms and biceps, and clawed feet. Went with a Pravhus loin as it looks way better then the king hsss loin, gives him a more primitive look. Dry brushed the forearms to have the blend from red to blue be a bit more uneven to show how the venom travels thru the body, and the white on the nodules of the biceps was coated with some pearl, which represents the Venom of Serpos literally pushing its way to the surface of his skin and escaping. King Randor spear repainted. Let me know what you think

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    This turned out so AWESOME Iím jealous.

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    I absolutely love the metallic paint on him.

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