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Thread: Board Conduct - Read this!!! (Updated 04/July/2003)

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    Board Conduct: Everyone please read

    Due to the amount of new members, tensions have been running high of late in some topics.
    Please remember that this is a privately owned forum, not a place where you can say or do what you like. There are rules you need to obey to have a happy and trouble free stay here.

    Respect your fellow members!
    There is a way to get across a differing opinion without having to be rude or harassing. It's all about how you word your posts.
    Please take some time to think about what you are posting, and whether it could be offensive to anyone.
    We welcome people regardless of sex, creed, race, religion, sexual orientation, mutation, planet origin, and so forth.
    Intolerance to any of these will result in immediate dismissal from the board.

    The more new members we have joining the forums, it is inevitable that they will occasionally be posting threads in the incorrect forums while they become
    accustomed to the site and its layout. We therefore ask that you refrain from posting "Wrong Forum" posts in threads that appear in the wrong places. If you are so inclined, you may report
    them by using the "Report this post" link in the thread. This will help keep the forums from becoming cluttered.

    Ebay Auctions
    Ebay threads are not permitted in any of the main discussion forums. If a new toy or other MotU/PoP item is discovered on Ebay first, please post the picture from the auction. Any threads containing direct links to the auctions will be moved to the Marketplace forums.

    No private fights/provocations via Signatures, custom ranks, and Avatars!
    It has happened that members (ab)used their signatures or custom ranks to express their strong dislike for certain other members. That's a sign of huge disrespect towards the other members, causing up anger and hate.
    Having avatars, custom ranks and signatures is a privilege, no right!
    If you can't handle those with maturity, the mods will use their abilities to remove them without notifying you!

    Heed the mods and admin
    If you are asked by the mods to watch what you are saying, you must respect that, because there IS a good reason for it.
    Downloading illegal episodes dubs, comic scans, pirated software, porn, vulgarity, and so forth are not tolerated on this board. The mods and admins are the law... prepare to be judged.
    Challenging or berating a mod and/or admin will result in immediate dismissal from the board.

    Those who come here to discuss their favorite topics with likeminded people do not deserve to be harassed, argued with or made to feel uncomfortable. If you are warned once over email, you must cooperate or the following offence will get you a suspension or a ban depending on the severity of the incident.

    No "Scalper-Harassing!"
    Often, it happens that people start threads, or post replies, in where they complain about how much it sucks that someone is selling a certain item for an incredibly high price and thus "ripping off the others".
    While we understand that people get angered when they can't afford high prices and thus have to pass the item, we don't allow them to harass sellers!
    Every dealer has the right to offer his stuff for whatever he wants! And every buyer can decide for himself how much he wants to spend!

    Post Content!
    If He-Man wouldn't say it, neither should you. Profanity or other inappropriate
    language will not be tollerated. Additionally, words that have been edited partially
    with * or other symbols but can still clearly be read as such words are not permitted
    and appropriate action will be taken by the mods or admin against offenders.

    No Rumors!
    If you hear any rumors, at least try to get them confirmed, or ask us before posting them.
    Posting rumors doesn't help anyone and only leads to frustration if it turns out to be false (and that always happens sooner or later).
    If you have infos from reliable sources (like Mattel or websites with good reputation) though, you are welcomed to share them with the other fellow he-fans.

    No "Bumps!"
    Often, people "bump" their thread back to top so other members can see them. Please, don't do so!
    Instead, rather wait a bit longer, then start a new thread!
    Each time someone visists the forums, news threads are marked as so. It's up to the user to decide if they want to read the new threads, or threads with new posts.
    In addition, ff somebody is looking for something, he'll/she'll take the time to surf through the Marketplace and then find your thread, as well.
    If you still "bump" your thread, the moderators will delete those posts and take action.

    No multiple threads in different forums!
    To reach more people, members sometimes post the same thread in more than one forum.
    While we understand the reason for that, you gotta expect that in the best case, the moderators will merge your threads, and in the worst case delete all of them except one!
    If you have different stuff for sale, then open separate threads! Example:
    - You wanna sell new toys and vintage cartoon tapes.
    - Start a thread for your toys in the Masters Marketplace.
    - Start an other thread for your tapes in the Cartoon Marketplace.
    - You can add links to your other threads into your posts.
    That way, you won't risk that your threads will be gone the next day!

    No back-to-back posts!
    If you were the last person to post in a thread, and you have more to add, please edit your previous post.
    This helps keep things organized and keeps post counts accurate.

    Read the FAQs!
    We have a general FAQ on the main site, and three FAQs on these forums. The forum FAQs get updated regularly and are pretty comprehensive. Additionally, by answering many questions, they make it unnecessary to post questions that get asked very often, anyways.
    So, please, before asking, check out if the FAQ doesn't answer your question already.
    General MotU FAQ
    New Toys FAQ and Infos
    Cartoon Show FAQ and Infos
    Comics FAQ and Infos
    - You can add links to your other threads into your posts.
    That way, you won't risk that your threads will be gone the next day!

    Note: Disobeying the rules of the conduct because you didn't read it, is no excuse! The subject itself makes clear enough that we expect from the users to be aware of the rules posted inside!

    We hope everyone will co operate and continue to make this board a fun and entertaining place for He-Fans and She-ravers to visit for a long time to come
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