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Thread: Zimraphel's Tolkien Stuff

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    Zimraphel's Tolkien Stuff

    Yes, Gran does Tolkien, too. My stuff is all archived at Henneth-Annun under the moniker Zimraphel, and one of them just got nominated for the Mithril Awards (very BIG stuff, I guess), but I'm devoting a corner of my Granamyr's Lair page to them.

    Not all of them are up here yet, though we're working on it. "A Ranga of Wool" has yet to be approved and there's one more Numenor story I have to upload.

    No slash, no Mary Sue.

    Gosh, what IS it with those Legolas and Haldir fangirls? (Okay, so the "Dwarf breathes so loud we could have shot him in the dark" line had me panting in my theatre seat, too, but STILL...)

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    Have to find the time to take a look at these.

    Is there more Blackstar stuff coming any time soon?

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    I've written six stories in seven months or less and am a bit tired right now.

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    Take a break oh fiery one.

    We'll still be here.

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