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Thread: History - Official Episode Talkback

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilgoretrout1138
    Yes. I merely felt that the history episode did not stand alone. And while it seems like great fun that it's a culmunation of several plot lines, I merely think that is a mistake in a childrens shows

    No it is'nt, I take it you were asleep when shows like Transformers: Generation One depended heavily on continunity and had more than it's fair share of "stand alone" episodes that referenced back to earlier episodes (sometimes in succesion), and it's regarded as one of the greatest shows of all time.

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    THe greatest shows of all time?
    I've never even heard of transformers Generation 1.
    I mean I know of the existance of the Transformers. But their specific cartoons... who the hell knows. They turned into beasts for a while right?

    And wasn't that in the 80's? I'm saying, now, if kids haven't seen MOTU and then the first episode they see is History- they're going to think 'This doesn't make any sense'. And not watch it ever again. Anyone would think that.
    Perhaps the Snakemen episodes problem lay in having too many antagonists. You sort of could tell that He-man and the masters were 'the good guys'. But once Skeletor and Evil Lyn were fighting, and King HIss and Hordak didn't like each other, and Rattlor and Kobra Kahn had some tension... things mabye got too muddled.
    Maybe not. It's just a guess.

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    I like the episode and the voice acting. When I was a kid, I always preferred stories with continuous arch oppose to the stand alone show. It really made you want to watch a whole series from beginning to end.

    Kids are a lot smarter then allot of people give them credit for. While there is nothing wrong with shows with stand alone episodes, kids can grasp the concept of story arcs. Seriously, what is the most popular kids show right now on TV still? Dragonball Z. While it is not the most mentally stimulation show, it does require one to watch the whole series to really know what is going on. Same for Turtles, any of the Gundam series, Sailormoon, and the like. Even Pokemon had over all arcs.

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    steph mentioned a few shows that are aimed at kids (at least some in america some are more teens in their country of origin) yugioh, shaman, king, ultimate muscle, sonic x, one piece has been made more kid friendly and they are in the middle of the the second maybe third story arc, teen titans and justice league probably have quite a few kids watching. In some cases you don't have to watch all the episodes but you need a good running knowledge of what has happpened on previous episodes. Gijoe in the 80s had story arcs, spiderman and x-men cartoons have. Winx aimed more at girls is one huge story arc. All these shows of course have individuals episodes that stand alone but many times do add to the overall story pretty well.

    Just like live action tv you have a good mix of shows that some are stand alone based while others are arc based, and I have seen kids getting toys from both types of lines
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    Transformers of today is far more of an arcing series then the Transformers of the 80's. The current series, Energon, which, incidently sells like hotcakes and is a kid favorite, is a single story told over 52 episodes. They have to be viewed in order to enjoy it, and yet it's among the most popular shows and brands. Cartoon Network, in order to best satisfy the kids switched from a weekly to a marathon basis, airing several episodes in a row, so that they get chunks of story rather than pieces. And what's more is that it's the middle act of the current Transformers, the previous show, Armada, led up to Energon, and the next show, Cybertron, will be a continuation. You'd think that if kids didn't like major story arcs that they would have long since dropped the line.

    It seems that the reason most shows and brands fail is because instead of offering kids quality, they water it down too much, and kids end up passing. I agree with Steph, I think many people underestimate kids today.

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