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Thread: "I am Ironman!!!!!"= Guyver's new custom.

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    "I am Ironman!!!!!"= Guyver's new custom.

    Ok so I have been wanting to do this custom for a bit now. I was lucky to come across the base fig real cheap.

    So I used this:

    Tweaked it like this:

    Painted it and now have this:
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    turdburgler MachanikalConvoy's Avatar
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    Pretty cool. I love your customs

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    Pretty damn good !
    The part that impresses me the most is the correction of the hand's pose. Looks like was always supposed to be like that.

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    OOOOOOH!!!! I never thought about customizing these! There's such a great selection to choose from between the Marvel Heroes Rescue figures. I think I'll go to Wal-Mart and check these out after work. A DC set would be cool, and I bet a Snake-Eyes/StormShadow set could be easy to make out of these, but the first one that popped in my head is Ash from Army of Darkness.
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    i love it.

    the only tihng is that you cut off one of the spidey's figure should ah kept it...iron man would have been rocking out.

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    Ring of Fire
    That looks good!

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    Whiz Kid
    Great job! First time I saw that figure, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone did an Iron Man custom out of him!

    By the by, next time you take a look at those figures, you might note that the 'Snowboarding Spidey' figure looks an awful lot like Taskmaster... (hint, hint)

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    More of these figs MUST be customized. I LOVE these, I dont have any yet but I use any excuse to buy them for my GFs nephew.
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    Very cool.
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