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Thread: Anybody want to buy my drawings?

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    Anybody want to buy my drawings?

    Let me start off by apologizing to Jhamm4 for stealing his idea. I want a chance to earn some money for my "big event" and I thought this way can help a little with my financial problems. I have started a thread in the Misc. Marketplace section, but I thought that this section might be more suitable for it.

    For whoever is interested, I am drawing photorealistic pictures using photos as references and charcoal as my tool. If you want an image done, just provide me with a scanned photo and email it to [email protected]

    After I'm done with the picture, I will email you a digital photo of my work. You are not obligated to buy it. If you end up not liking it, that would be fine. It will help me improve my techniques so there's no loss.

    Here is my original thread which contains a sample of my work.

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    Hey man, it's cool.
    It's great to have a fellow artist on the boards!
    You do some cool work!

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    Thanks for the compliment. Your portrait looks pretty good.

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