Many of you have enjoyed the addition of the Fan Art section on Well, now those of you who have more of a talent for writing or sculpting can enjoy the new Fan Fiction and Customized Figures sections! Take the opportunity to show off your hard work to all those who visit!

Note to those who have posted work on the Fan Creation forums:
Back in October 2003, we archived all work in the Fan Creation forums. All of the work there (unless requested otherwise) has been archived into the Fan Fiction and Customized Figures sections of Be advised, we have NOT archived these forums since and will no longer archive them. If you want your work to live on, it's up to you to add it to the site. The forums will be purged periodically and all posts will be gone forever!
Please, search the respective section that you may have work in for your name and check over the entries to be sure they are satisfactory. As owner, you can edit and even delete your work.

Here are direct links to the sections:
Fan Fiction
Customized Figures
If you have work already in those sections you will see a link under the "Browse" link that says "View your Entries." Click that to see all of your work that has been archived.

Thanks and have fun!
Matt Tyree