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Battle for Eternia Board Game
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Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Country: USA
Producer: Mattel
Language: English
Year: 1985

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Battle For Eternia
Battle For Eternia


Join the adventure to rescue He-Man!

On your way to the Evil Lair of Skeletor you'll have to do battle with the Evil Warriors blocking your way. If you're lucky you'll even make it past the treacherous "Frigth Zone Trap" to confront Skeletor himself. The fate of all Eternia hangs in the balance as you battle Skeletor to free He-Man.


1   He-Man Playing Figure
1   Skeletor Playing Figure
8   Evil Warrior Playing Figures
4   Heroic Warrior Playing Figures
14 Plastic Stands for Figures
8   Plastic Swords
8   Path Sections including:
        3 Chambers (square)
        4 Corridors (rectangular)
        1 Evil Lair (raised platform)
1   Fright Zone Trap with Trigger Mechanism & Randomizer Disk
3   Special Dice: 1 White, 1 Red, 1 Purple
1   Spinner
1   Piece Of Netting
1   Assembly Sheet (Trap Assebly, Game Layout, Spinner & Stands)


This board game was release by Mattel later in the line.It allowed you to use the included cardboard pieces or your own Action Figures to play with. This game also included Gold versions of the power sword as a play piece but they could also fit on an Action Figure as it was the same mold as the toy power sword.

Gameplay was the standard spin wheel and move format but it was far more fun then a regular board game. Villians would stand on the board and if the player landed on their space they would have to battle that villian via special dice. Also there was a Horde trap which if landed on led to the entire Horde attacking you and knocking you back to a save spot.

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BoxBackcoverPiecesBackcoverSide BHorde trapSide A
BoxBackcoverPiecesBackcoverSide BHorde trapSide A
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