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A short introduction to our site and a few reasons about why you should become a member of our community.


Since its launch in 1999 He-Man.org has flourished from its humble beginnings into a vast universe of knowledge, and comradery for all of the Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power community devoted to the heroes created by Mattel.  This site is widely renowned as the comprehensive source for information on the full spectrum of the MOTU brand, and is recognized as one of the largest He-Man and She-Ra communities in the world.

The benefits of becoming a member of He-Man.org are significant, for one you would be a member of one of the most expansive and powerful MOTU fan site in the universe. You will be able to share, learn, and interact with other MOTU fans from around the world, by actively participating in our forum and adding content to the site along with other members in an easy and intuitive way. Not to mention buy, sell, or trade in our Market Place, while you keep track of your collection in our Users Collection Database. Lastly, you will be able to contribute with your own creations, by posting your fan art, fan fiction and custom creations.

Registration is quick and easy from the front page click on the link “Register Account” fill in the info, then wait for the confirmation email and webmaster approval and voilà, you’re part of the He-Man.org family, enjoy!

Make sure you read the Forum Rules to learn about our e-mail registration requirements, as well as becoming familiar with the rules and guidelines one must follow in order to participate in the He-Man.org community.  Reading and adhering to the Forum Rules is a requirement in order to register!

If you are already a member of the He-Man.org forum, you don't need to register again, you can just log in with your existing forum User ID and Password!

Yes! He-Man.org at its core is a fan site and most of our content is contributed to by the fans. So we really appreciate our members adding information to our many informative sections for fans across the world to enjoy. Registered members are encouraged to upload new content as they see fit.
Please note that all content submissions are subject to approval before they are posted.

Yes!  Registered members of He-Man.org you are encouraged to share, modify, and correct content.  This site is sort of like Wikipedia, but completely devoted to MOTU and POP.
Please note that all content submissions are subject to approval before they are posted.

That really depends on you and your fellow fans. The content found on He-Man.org comes from the fans, so that includes you! If you aren't already a member, we invite you to share your knowledge with everyone by registering to the site and adding all the pertinent information you have!

Of course! Once you are a registered member you will be able to upload your creations to our fan galleries under the Community section.

Sure! Under the Collecting section you’ll find a section titled “User Collections.” There you will be able to reveal your awesome collection to the world, and see how it stacks up to other members. You'll also be able to keep track of your MOTU and POP belongings, keeping them organized in your Have and Want Lists.

Not a problem! Please follow the links that take you to He-Man.org’s “Site Help” and “FAQ” which will contain more info and many helpful guides on how to use the many awesome and intuitive features available on He-Man.org.  Keep in mind fans are helping to build these as well, so if you don't see something in an FAQ, we may need your help adding it!

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