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View Master Gift Set - MOTU
Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Manifacturer: View-Master International Group
Year: 1984
Country: USA

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This Story uses art from "The King of Castle Grayskull" 1982 Wave 1 issue 4 Masters of the Universe Vintage Minicomic. This came packed with a standard Viewmaster 3-D Viewer.

Story: As He-Man rides home from a battle, he is watched by the arch-fiend, Skeletor. "He-Man has defeated me again. I must have the Power Sword to conquer him and rule Castle Grayskull." First, Skeletor conjures up the warrior goddess, Teela, and orderrs her to Castle Grayskull to await the king. Next the wily schemer finds one half of the Power Sword in the mountain-top realm of Stratos. The second half of the Power Sword is under the rock where He-man has built his home. Without his power harnes, the mightiest of The Masters of the Univerese is defeated by Skeletor and his cohorts, Beast-Man and Mer-Man. Skeletor advances triumphantly to the castle! Quickly he imprisons Teela. Later, revived, He-Man rushes to the castle to save her- and to avenge himself on Skeletor. Wham! A blast of magic energy knocks He-Man into Teela's cell. Regaining consciousness, the strongest of heroes escapes and races to battle Skeletor. Soon He-Man and Teela encounter a ghostly army of skeletons and empty armor- lifeless but controlled by Skeletor. Teela at last knocks the Power Sword from Skeletor's hand. The lifeless army crashes to the floor and cowardly Skeletor flees to the parapets of the castle! There He-Man attacks and both warriors fall to the castleyard below. Skeletor then runs in terror- leaving Castle Grayskull to await its true king, He-Man.

Cast(Good): He-Man, Teela, Stratos, Battle Cat, Castle Grayskull, & Battle Ram Sky Sled(box cover)

Cast(Evil): Skeletor, Beast-Man, & Mer-Man

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frontBack of the PackagingReel 1Reel 2Reel 3
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