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View-Master Masters Of The Universe Promo Reel
Series: Masters of the Universe - Modern
Manifacturer: View-Master International Group
Year: 2002
Country: Canada

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Back view


Promotional View-Master reel released by Mattel Canada to announce the Masters Of The Universe 200x toyline.
Includes 7 slides:

  1. Having finally thwarted Skeletor's ambitions back in 1984...
  2. He-Man grew tired and wondered if he shouldn't slow it down a bit...
  3. He got a place in LA and started hanging out at Venice Beach...
  4. ...boring everyone with tales of conquest that were, like, so 80s...
  5. But in 2002, his archenemy returned! He-Man realized his true calling!
  6. He-Man began a secret workout regimen and had a makeover.
  7. Watch out Skeletor, He-Man's back! Bigger and better! 


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Front view
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