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Orko is the other SDCC Exclusive...and Prince Adam comes with him!
April 12, 2010 7:40 pm by MegaGearMax

As revealed by Scott Neitlich and Blair Butler on tonight's episode of Attack of the Show on G4TV, The Royal Court Jester is coming to a collection near you this summer as the other MOTUC SDCC exclusives (the first exclusive is the Skeletor/Mo-Larr two pack)! Only he isn't packaged alone...The Prince of Eternia is coming with him as Orko's bonus accessory!

Classic Orko looks to be translucent and comes with a clear plastic stand (so he can hover) as well as his 200X wand! Orko turns clear except for his eyes when immersed in hot water to simulate disappearing! Classic Prince Adam is a He-Man repaint with a plastic maroon vest and matching maroon power sword!

See what fans have to say about these startling events right HERE!

Thanks to .org member dr phiz for the pics!



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Adam and Orko 1Adam and Orko 2Adam and Orko 3
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