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MOTUC Q&As from Around The Net: (4/15/2010)
April 17, 2010 3:17 pm by MegaGearMax

MOTUC Portal

1. So the council split the sword into two halves for for fivecenturies and they were protected by trained "He-Men". Did each half ofthe sword have names (i.e., light & dark) and did the Sword of Heofficially (in the MOTUC mythos) became known as the "Sword of Power"or is "Sword of Power" more of a nickname?

The “Sword of Power” is a nickname. As for the individual half sword names, that is yet to be revealed.

2. There has been some confusion - can you clarify are "theBarbarian He-Man (seen w/Goddess in 80's comic)" "Wun-Dar" and "PrinceAdam / He-Man" three separate characters in the MOTUC mythos?

For the sake of MOTUC, they are three separate characters. More on thiswill be revealed in the near future… Wun-Dar is not the character seenin the early mini-comics. That character has blonde hair and wears thesame power vest as Adam, Wun-Dar has brown hair and wears a black powervest.

3. Of the MOTUC figures released so far which is ToyGuru's favorite and why?

Getting Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich for this one:

“Wow. Tough one. It’s like picking your favorite children. He-Ro is ahuge favorite as that was one that I personally picked to go into theline early on since I wanted that figure for years. When it comes downto sculpts, Trap-Jaw is amazing. With the second Kronis head and arm aswell as all three attachments, he is a really spectacular figure. Wehave another 2002 series figure coming in the later half of the yearthat was also a personal pick and one I am very excited about. Thischaracter’s brand new shield accessory is amazing and the Horsemenrocked it better then our direction to them!”

4. The TRU 2 packs are great, the He-Man and Skeletor re-paints areby far my favorite versions of the characters released so far. Can youelaborate a bit on how they are doing? Has this retail test of sortsbeen successful by Mattel's standards?

The sets are doing very well and if this continues we would love to doadditional sets in the near future. These sets were never part of atest to see how “MOTU might do at retail” as some fans havehypothesized..

5. At one point it was stated that the figure stands would besomething Mattel would plan on having available regularly. Then it wasstated there were no plans at the moment to bring them back but itwould be considered. Can you elaborate a bit on this? They sold out sofast, demand seems to be there - why not keep them available?

We did not expect them to sell out as quick, and we’re still finding away to slot in a re-release. It is not as simple as turning on amachine. There are logistical issues that go into a re-release that weare jut not able to share.



3) Concerning Masters of the Universe, we know that the 2oox styleis retired and you have no plans of incorporating that look into thecurrent MOTUC line. But, do you still have the molds for the 200x line?And if so is it possible to reissue figures from that line in a similarfashion to the Commemorative line for the 80's figures?

Yes, we still have the tools but there are no plans at this time tore-release these figures. We are focused on the new Classics style forthe time being.

4) What is Matty's stance on Role Play items, seeing as Diamond hasbeen doing Collectable RP for a few years now with great success?Collectible Role Play items from Masters of the Unvierse orGhostbusters could be amazing!

Stay tuned…



Although many hardcore MOTU purists may argue that Keldor is not acore character, we strongly disagree. Why was Prince Keldor slated as aquarterly bonus figure instead of being given his well-deserved slot asa monthly Club Eternia figure?

Keldor was slotted in as a variant of Skeletor much as Battle ArmorHe-Man was a variant of He-Man. Going forward into 2011 all of thefigures will be included in the subscription making this a moot point.

When will the packaging for the SDCC MOTU Robot Chicken set berevealed and will there be anything difference between the ones at theshow vs. those sold through MattyCollector?

The packaging was recently revealed on the April 13th episode of G4's"Attack of the Show." There will be no difference between the one soldat the show and online for this guy!

Although their riders have not yet been released, is there a goodchance that Strydor and Nightstalker may be released as part of thebeast assortment in 2011?

Both electronic horses would be "simplier" to get to then some beastssince they share the same tool. We can't comment on anything pastWhiplash and Gygor at this point.

In regards to the Shadow Beasts, do you have the rights to make theFilmation version of the creatures and if not, will you still make themin the 200X style?

If we did Shadow Beasts it would be based off of the 2002 series look.We will not be doing anything from the Filmation series at this time.

You stated recently that there will be a "spirited collection" ofGhostbusters on display at C2E2. Is that in any way a hint that therewill be some new ghosts on display or possibly that line's SDCCexclusive?

No, that was not a hint, just a fun phrase. We won't be revealinganything new at the Chicago show, but fans can see all of the toys werevealed at NYTF live and up close!


Kastor's Korner

Kastor: With the announcement that there will be no tieredsubscriptions, a major question comes up. Those of us who signed up forthe 2010 subscription knew what we were getting into, and are able toplan accordingly for the charges, but at the time of sign up for the2011 subscription will we we told what we will be paying for and when?The $30 to 60 price is a big range, and since there are no otheroptions for fans can we at least know the prices before we sign up?

12 month at $20 plus tax and shipping

4 quarterly at $20 plus tax and shipping

1 bonus at $20 plus tax and shipping?large scale

4 figure some where between $30 and $60 (this could ?potentially a $120 difference) plus tax and shipping

This may influence whether many fans stay with the subs or not based onhow much they actually cost. At this point you are essentially askingfans to write you a blank check because there is no way to cancel asubscription and since you have stated multiple times that this line isplanned out at least two or three years ahead of time.

Matty: While we won’t reveal character names we will let fans knowexactly how many of each SKU and all of the exact price points thatwill be in the 2011 subscription. For example, we would say somethinglike, “Their will be four large-scale characters, two will be $30 andtwo will be $60”. Again, this is just an example. The exact specificswill be revealed at SDCC.

Kastor: Is the design team aware of the flocking problem some peoplehave had with Moss Man? Those in humid areas may lose the flocking dueto the glue used.

Matty: If you are experiencing problems with your Moss Man pleasecontact customer service. We have read the fan comments, but Moss Manis not a bath toy, he is an adult collectable and is not designed to bestored in water or high humidity.

Kastor: With such a fever over the MOTU line, why are other linesand items up for sale on the same day on Matty Collector? There havebeen instances where you have started items on different days, likeMerman, DCUC wave 11 and Retro heroes, so why overload the site withthese other items on the 15th of every month?

Matty: We do this so that fans can combine shipping. It was something our collector focus groups overwhelmingly asked us to do.

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