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Post-SDCC MOTUC Update: More Females in 2011 than in 2010, No More 200X Heads and More!
August 14, 2010 10:34 am by MegaGearMax

Toyguru posted a Post-SDCC Update on MOTUC on the Mattycollector.com forums this morning. And he drops two major bombshells at the end.

Hey gang,

Finally through the work that piled up while I was at SDCC. I wanted to give a few quick updates to the figures shown at the con.

Battle Armor Skeletor: He will indeed have three chest plates just like BA He Man. The Horsemen just had not finished sculpting them in time for the show. He will also come with the standard "He-Man" battle axe in purple, just as fans have asked for. Finally, we will paint his feet purple with black toe nails also per fan request. I know some fans also asked for the Hordak feet, but this was not possible this time around.

Grayskull: The pain job is final. We know some fans are asking for other paint schemes, but quite frankly we really like this one. The red cape with flocking and silver highlights on the armor and chest piece really pop. The cape also references the vintage art on the package. This does not mean we can't do another color scheme of Grayskull down the road, but for now we are set. Also, his boots will be the same as the original release. The kit bashed model for the show had the wrong boots.

Preternia Disguise He-Man: We spoke to the Horsemen and we are going to change the wrist bands to the Tri-Klops wrists to be more accurate to the comic design.

Roboto: We are looking into the possibility of making both hands removable. It my be too late on this go around, but we are looking into it.

Palace Guards: The guards will indeed have the Keldor boots as the Horsemen designed. The kit based version used for SDCC was incorrect. Also, we bumped up the gold highlights a bit on the chest piece. It looks really great! The guards have also moved to December due to the boot change.

King Hssss: His jaw will be hinged and the Snake heads will be articulated (sorta like Clayface's arms or Plastic Man's neck).

Asfar as a few other issues, I know a lot of fans are asking about the "lack of females". While we did not show any females at SDCC, there will be more females in 2011 then we did in 2010. We just did not have any slotted for Jan - March. There are still plenty of monthly figs to go and A-list variant slots as well. A lot more of 2011 is left to reveal! Stay tuned.

Fans are also asking about "200X" elements. I will tell you that after the Marzo head, management asked us specifically to pull back on the amount of "anime hyper detail elements" in the sculpts. Also, after the second Whiplash head, we were asked to pull back on second heads that are purley 200X inspired. That "look" and interpretation" is retired.

We will continue to do second heads when there is a compelling reason (like for Mer-Man or Man-At-Arms), but we will be pulling back from extra heads simply to add in 200X elements (like with Whiplash).

The Horsemen often sculpt extra heads and accessories then asked for (they actually did three heads for Bow) but with the direction from management to move away from 200X elements and the general high cost of extra heads (due to all the paint ops) we will only do second heads when it is really compelling. You won't see second heads just to do a 200X homage. This line is all about the "classic" vintage look. You'll see some 200X elements (like Webstor's arms) but not a second 200X head as that interpretation is retired.

A lot more great toys are coming, we're only getting warmed up!

Hope all this helped clarify!


In addition, he clarified further on the 200X head situation:

You will still see 200X characters and 200X versions of characters (i.e. Sorceress, Randor) but they will be in "Classics" style, similar to Carnivus or Grayskull (or Marzo minus the flowing hair).

We'll also still do second heads for characters like Moss Man or Stinkor who's vintage head was a repaint. Really, the only character to have a true "200X" head was Whiplash. So there really wasn't a huge trend we are breaking here. A trend of one.

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