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Carnivus Had Great Sale, He-Man and Skeletor Returning Soon and Other Answers
September 19, 2010 1:57 pm by MegaGearMax

Toyguru has returned with another helping of "Ask Matty" answers!

Something fishy is afoot...

Not a question as such, more a 'have you seen this?! - Wow!'

I came across this action figure concept for Mermista today and thoughtyou might find it interesting, it sure is an breathtaking take on acharacter some may not have considered to come out this amazing! Idon't think there's a fan out there that could deny this would be astunning figure as part of the line.

Anyhow, enjoy!

(See Mermista Pic in the News Images!)

8-9 Hours Later and Chief Carnivus and Gygor In Stock

Just wanted to say thank you for making enough this time so that figures last at least 8 hours after their sale time.

Gygor is not sold out and Chief Carnivus is Almost Gone at the time i'mwriting this. Is there any way you can increase production again tohave enough of each figure to last 24+ hours?

We are always adjusting production quotas but do not reveal this info with the public.
november special sale

When are we going to get more info on that special november sale? Iknow you guys like to keep things under wraps but most of us "adult"collectors do have a job and some of us are able to schedule mattyssales on advance, it would be really helpful to get further info onthis special november sale to consider it.


Some of the items will be reissues, others will be remaining customerservice stock from previous sold out items. Sometimes we bring thislimited stock to conventions to sell off, but this year we are going toput a lot of it up all at once on Cyber Monday. Most of the items areextremely limited customer service stock.
Carnivus a great success?

Carnivus stayed on sale quite a bit longer than other new Club EterniaMOTUC releases this year so far. Although still a much faster sell-outtime than several of the figures offered in 2009 (and Battle ArmorHe-Man from this past January, I believe), I have to ask: does Mattelconsider him a great success in selling out in just a day and a half,or is his sales performance compared, in a less celebratory way, toofferings such as She-ra and Orko?

Carnivus did great and we are constantly adjusting production quota based on each character and demand!
About TopToys and Leo, what's your position in term of licence ?

How do/did you and Mattel consider vintage "TopToys" and "Leo" variants ?
Fake ? Copy ? Authorized by Mattel ?

And today, what's your position in term of licence ?

If there is no licence, could it be exploited for the Motuc ?

For example, is a Camuflado Kobra Kahn, Green TopToys Modulok or a Leo Faker variant doable in the Motuc line ?

All cool ideas for repaints and something we could get to in time.But nothing to announce now. We do know these are things hard core fansare interested in....
Skeletors Robot Knights

ToyGuru I'm not sure if this has been asked before or not, but doesMattel have any shot at making Skeletors Robot Knights or are they offlimits under filmation?

We will not be offering characters created by Filmation in the MOTUC line at this time.
Horde Trooper as part of 2011 Sub

ToyGuru I know you can't comment on any 2011 figures past King Hsss yetbut our 2011 sub said we would get at least three Beasts and onepossible figure 2Pack. Can you make the 2011 all in sub 2 pack a HordeTroopers set like the Palace Guards?

(See Horde Trooper Pic in the News Images!)

I know there is a lot of fan interest in getting these.

The 2011 line does include all of the "oversized" skus whichincludes large scale beast and/or multipacks. If Horde Troopers are inthe 2011 line up they would be part of the sub, but at this time wehave not announce if this character(s) is in the 2011 line up.
MOTU future repress

Hi, I know only now MOTU Classical, more items are soldout; in futurerepress? If not all, items in preorder with minimal number.

Older figures are often reissued. Zodac will be out again in Octoberand both He-Man and Skeletor will be reissued again within a few monthsfor new collectors coming on board!
downloadable MOTUC print ads

I THINK this has been asked before but I couldn´t find it here in the forums.

I have to say that I really like those print ads you make for MOTUCfigures and I would love to print and collect those. Is there a chanceyou could upload printable high-res versions of them somewhere onMattycollector.com? 300dpi-files would be awesome!

You can find these on our Facebook page!
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News Images
Mermista PicHorde Trooper Pic
Mermista PicHorde Trooper Pic
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