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He-Man.org's Best MOTUC of 2010 - the results are in!
January 2, 2011 8:03 pm by JVS3


You have voted and the results are in!
So what MOTUC did He-Man.org fans vote as their top 5 for 2010?
Let's take a look!

Honorable Mention: Moss Man

Ol' Mossy went toe to toe with our #5 poll winner, jockeying for position the entire time. But in the end, our green friend lost out by ONE vote!  Still, with such close results we couldn't let him go without an Honorable Mention.

Moss Man was a figure who faced some difficulties from prototype to final product. Originally slated to be entirely covered with flocking, Mattel discovered that the flocking did not work near the points of articulation. Fans discussed the matter at length and polls went up all over the place on what fans wanted to see done with Moss Man, including here at He-Man.org.

In the end, Mattel and the 4H found a compromise where they just left the joints and areas that faced abrasion uncovered. The one hitch is where a running change was made on the figure, so some Moss Man had flocked ears and some did not. Regardless, many fans were pleased with the final results as you can tell from the poll.

Moss Man also enjoyed the benefit of having two heads. A head inspired by his original MOTU head and a head inspired by his 200x look, something many fans enjoyed and want to see return to MOTUC with future figures.

#5: Adora

After decades of waiting, the Princess of the Kingdom of Eternos, sister to Prince Adam and secret identity of the Princess of Power finally came to figure form! And it was worth the wait. The 4H and Mattel managed to make an Adora that had a resemblance to her Filmation form but was unique to MOTUC and its visual style.

Adora's skirt received some criticism from fans. Her skirt design looks like it was intended to resemble her leotard look in the original cartoon while hiding her hip articulation. But to some fans, it has been called the "diaper" or "granny pantie" look.

That one small thing aside, she's an amazing figure. She also came with a blaster pistol that looks to be inspired by Teela's blaster from the 1987 movie and a fantastic Sword of Protection that appears to be inspired by the classic cartoon.

#4: She-Ra

While this line is currently lacking figures from Princess of Power and New Adventures of He-Man, fans love it when POP figures do make it into the MOTUC line. And She-Ra grabbing the fourth spot is evidence of this.

Fans expressed concern about the stiffness of her skirt which seems like it may prevent She-Ra from sitting in the saddle of a Swift Wind toy (if we ever get one). And the hole in her alternate head that displays her classic toy inspired tiara was not well received.

But when you consider she came with an alternate head that seems to be inspired by the classic cartoon, that hole is easy to overlook. Plus, the the tiara also works like the classic toy tiara that could be flipped around for use as a battle mask.

The Sword of Protection this time came in gold as a great nod to the gold sword that came with the classic She-Ra toy. And she also came with a shield and a cool battle axe that was designed as an homage to the combs that came with the vintage POP toys.

#3: Orko

The heroic court magician firmly cemented third place in our poll. Love him or hate him, Orko has always been recognized as a fan-favorite character and the votes show it.

Orko came out fantastic. We finally got an Orko that is an homage to the original cartoon Orko that many of us wanted when we were young, both in visuals and in scale. He comes with a clear stand to allow him to "hover" next to the other characters, as well as a 200x inspired wand and a cool little spell book.

Plus, in an interesting move, Mattel released Prince Adam as Orko's accessory! Prince Adam is tucked away in the bottom of the package almost like he's off hiding like the lazy Prince Adam we all know.  Adam is inspired heavily by his original toy, including his magenta/purple Sword of Power. Plus, Adam came with an additional head sculpt. One is the regular He-Man head sculpt and another is a version with him smiling. What makes this even better is how you can swap this head with your He-Man figure.

Orko had some criticisms over paint application to his ears. And sadly, Prince Adam's sword holster for his back was unfortunately lost between sculpting and tooling and was never added. But those two things aside, this was a fantastic release.

#2: Trap Jaw

No one came close to touching Trap Jaw's second place ranking. This figure is one of the two indisputable favorites of 2010.

The MOTUC Trap Jaw takes the original toy and makes him ten times more fantastic. Now, his robotic arm has a ball joint at the shoulder and articulation at the elbow. He has the same hinged metal jaw as before, but this time with a more descriptive (and a bit gory) interior mouth. He also comes with the gun, claw and hook like in the 80s, as well as the belt from which you can hang unused accessories.

But it doesn't stop there! He also comes with a spare head AND an extra arm so you can transform him into the 200x inspired version of his pre-mechanical self: Kronis.

#1: Battle Cat

Battle Cat has placed in multiple toy polls on sites across the internet for the best of 2010. So it comes as little surprise that he takes the top spot for 2010 here at He-Man.org. And the rave reviews and poll appreciations are all justified. This is the Battle Cat we all dreamed about owning when we were young.

When you see him in the package, he's posed to remind us of the 80s toy that used the previous Big Jim tiger sculpt. But the MOTUC Battle Cat is NOTHING like his unposeable predecessor!

His armor and design is inspired almost purely from the original toy. His armor is the dark red along with subdued black wash to enhance the details along with subtle metallic red accents. He's also massive! Plus he's designed to allow figures like He-Man to snuggly fit into his saddle.

Without his armor, he looks amazing. He's a ferocious looking cat with fantastic anatomy. And best yet, he has incredible articulation that doesn't detract from the sculpting. Jaw, head, neck, legs, body, tail... it's very well done! Battle Cat was worth every penny, and it's easy to see why he earned the top spot for 2010.

Discuss the results on the Org forums!

We'd like to thank everyone who voted in the He-man.org Best MOTUC of 2010 poll. This past year proved to be a fantastic year for MOTUC. And we have a feeling 2011 is going to be even better!

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