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ToyFare gets the scoop from THQ about a potential MOTU game!
January 6, 2011 2:56 pm by JVS3

ToyFare went straight to THQ for a quote about the recent video game news,
and here's what they found out!

TOYFARE EXCLUSIVE: When we saw that THQ were signing a deal to make video games based on Mattel properties, and the deal included our favorite toy line — “Masters of the Universe” — we immediately needed to know more. So we reached out to Julie MacMedan, VP of corporate communications for THQ, to get the scoop.

TOYFARE: When can we expect to start seeing games from the THQ/Mattel deal?

MACMEDAN: We are already in the development stage on multiple games, the first of which are scheduled for release holiday 2011.  Details of these titles will be formally announced in the coming months.

Of prime interest to us, of course, is Masters of the Universe. How high does this rank on the list or priorities for the Mattel properties for THQ to produce games of?

Mattel has some of the biggest brands in the toy industry.  Barbie is on a roll right now and we think the newer Monster High brand will be a great fit for videogames.  We are still in the early stages of working with Mattel on the release schedule and design concepts so stay tuned. But clearly Masters of the Universe is a fantastic brand that has a huge fan base and following.  It’s one of the Mattel brands we’re very excited about.

Mattel’s stable of properties obviously has tremendous kid appeal. Is there any chance some of the games could target core gamers/adult fans of the properties as well?

Our goal is to deliver new ways to play Mattel’s classic and newer brands.  We view these brands as appealing mainly to family and casual gaming audiences.  However, we believe there are quite a few core gamers interested in Mattel’s classic brands such as  Masters of the Universe, and we plan to explore ways that we can deliver fun, high quality gaming experiences based on this brand.

What made the Mattel brands such an appealing license for THQ to go after?

Mattel’s brands have huge global appeal and with play patterns changing, we feel we can deliver great results in the interactive space based on Mattel’s properties.  We’ve been very pleased with the response to Pictionary on our uDraw GameTablet this holiday.  We expect our relationship to Mattel to be very collaborative – and very creative.

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