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An update concerning Pixel Dan's MOTU Review Videos on YouTube
January 23, 2011 11:40 pm by Pixel Dan

While Dan hosts his video reviews through www.blip.tv for posting on He-Man.org and PopCultureNetwork.com, they have always also been cross-posted to YouTube. With YouTube being the largest internet video site, this has been necessary in helping to spread the word of MOTU Classics and to get the maximum views possible.

Those who have used YouTube know just how overly protective and strict they can be when it comes to copyrights. And it seems the more popular a video gets on YouTube, the more strict YouTube gets. Pixel Dan has fallen victim to this.

This originally started when YouTube sent Dan a "cease and desist" notice concerning the use of Filmation music in his videos. Dan immediately complied, and began using all original music composed by good friend Mat Howlett. Some of the tunes still used are covers of some classic MOTU music also composed by Mat. Written documentation showing that full permission was granted for the use of the music was given to YouTube, and the problems seemed to be taken care of.

Dan also replaced the Filmation Cartoon intro with all-original animated intros created by forum member Ryan "Horde Lord" Czaplinski. This was another safety measure to prevent any possible issues with using Filmation properties in the videos, as well as adding some nice flare to the videos.

Just recently, YouTube has come down on Dan again, now telling him that he does not hold the proper license to use the Masters of the Universe Classics logo in his videos. On top of this, they have also brought the music issue back up, now stating that covers cannot be used without the original music owner's consent.

All attempts to discuss this issue with YouTube have been unsuccessful. Each response back to them asking for more clarification and information are always returned with automated, cookie cutter responses. It is obvious that with YouTube, it's only black and white. Although Dan has gone to great lengths to ensure that all of his content is original, YouTube is still threatening to remove his videos.

As a result, going forward all MOTU review videos that Dan uploads to YouTube will be a trimmed down version of the review. The YouTube versions will not contain the awesome animated intros by Horde Lord, no MOTU logos will be used, and anything that sounds remotely close to MOTU inspired music will also be cut. These bare bones versions will only contain Dan's video footage, a simple background tune, and Dan's voice.

If you would prefer to continue watching Dan's reviews the way they were intended to e see, complete with all original animated intros, all music, and even logos, then we urge you to watch these videos here on www.He-Man.org or on www.PopCultureNetwork.com. This is our way to fight back against YouTube.

Don't let Dan's, Matt's, and Ryan's hard work go to waste! Thank you for your continued support! Good journey!

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