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MOTUC Q&As from Around The Net: (2/2/2011)
February 3, 2011 8:17 pm by MegaGearMax

NOTE: Due to the New York Toy Fair, there will notbe a Mattel Q&A for February 15. MOTUC Q&A's From Around theNet will return March 1st.

Kastor's Korner

Kastor's Korner: Catra looks amazing, but that skirt looks mightyform-fitting. The plastic used on the females’ skirts in the past havebeen inconsistent in flexibility. Will she be able to sit, since shewill have to ride Clawdeen? Also, will she have a fun comb weapon likeShe-Ra? That would be a fun motif to continue!

Matty: Yes, her skirt will be very flexible, more so then past females.And yes, her whip is also her “comb” much like She-Ra’s ax was a comb.

Kastor's Korner: Being a fan yourself, seeing how Whiplash wascalculated selling out at 43 minutes, versus Grizzlor selling out at100 minutes and Buzz-Off at a little over 6 hours, and Green LanternClassics’ Low and Maash selling well at the moment, are thesesufficient metrics to show "upper management" or The Powers That Bethat extra heads equal faster sales since people would want twoversions to display, or are there more variables that come into play?

Matty: Upper management does not contribute to the decision to includeextra heads per figure. This is a decision made at the brand levelbased on the cost and logistics involved in production of each figure.Extra heads are included when there is a compelling reason to do them.If every figure had an extra head it would dilute the feature.
Pop Culture Network

1) I was looking at my carded MOTUC collection, admiring some of theposes of the figures in the package. Who is responsible for how thefigures are posed inside the blister? Is it another design team, 4Horsemen or Mattel?

The Mattel package team decides on the pack out, and the directionthey’ve been given is to pose the Classics figures in the same way asthe character was in the vintage line (at least for now in the onlineline, we might look into modern poses as a way of refreshing figures ifthe line ever goes to retail).

2) The PKE didn't sell out instantly like some had feared but it didsell quite well as far as anyone on the outside can tell. Not askingwhen, not even asking whats next, just wondering if the PKE sales wheregood enough to warrant more props eventually down the line? We'rethinking MOTU...Power Sword, Havok Sataff, Ram Stone, etc...

Yes, the PKE meter was a huge success and has opened the door to otherprop replicas down the road. We won’t be doing any blade weapons, butothers are possible for different brands.

5) The Orb of Power,although a great accessory to include with KingGrayskull,the only possible use it has is to have it cradled in afigure's arms.At some point will we get a Crystal diorama piece todisplay the orb on?

This is something we have heard a lot on the boards and we will lookinto finding a way to offer a holder one day. Nothing is planned rightnow.

1.) Is the Green Lantern VS Zodac DCUC/ MOTUC 2 pack pictured inToyfare in it's finalized form? Many fans were hoping that Zodac wouldfeature the gloved hands used on figures like Hordak and Zodak insteadof the Skeletor forearms painted white. If this is the finalizedversion of this figure, why was this mold chosen for the arms?

Yes, this is the final version of the figure as based on early vintagecross sell art. We understand some fans are asking for the “Filmation”version, but that is not what we were going for at this time.

2.) Stratos has just had a new release as part of the DCUC VS MOTUCpacks, yet he has a reissue planned for May... while She-Ra (a figurethat many folks are missing from their collections) still awaits thereissue treatment. Why was the decision made to push out anotherStratos before the more-requested She-Ra reissue?

There are a lot of logistical issues that go into releases that wesimply cannot share with the public. We do have more plans for She-Ra,just not yet. We know fans are looking for the behind-the-scenes scoop,but honestly there just isn’t one in this case!

3.) You stated in a recent Q & A that figures going forward willfeature the new ankles used on Vikor. Does this pertain to reissues aswell, or will those remain the same as their original counterparts? (Ifor one hope they stay the same, as I would hate to have inferiorfigures just because I bought them earlier on...)

No, reissues will be straight reissues where we can ask the factory tojust turn the machine on again. If a figure needs to be worked on oraltered, it requires a “development slot” and we tend to save theseslots for new figures.

4.) MOTU Classics has covered just about every era of MOTU now....except the 1987 movie! Sure, Preternia He-Man has a Cosmic Key, but canfans expect to see one of the three vintage movie figures (Gwildor,Saurod, or Blade) done this year? (Gwildor is my number one most wantedMOTUC figure...)

We do have plans to get to those figures eventually (since they hadvintage toys made) but we are not yet ready to reveal when they arecoming. Stay tuned!

5.) The DC Comics character Warlord seems like a great fit for theDCUC Vs MOTUC treatment! If for some reason you did manage to get himinto these packs, is there any chance he could use a MOTUC buck insteadof DCUC parts? This would be a great homage to his vintage counterpart(which shared a very similar body style to vintage Masters figures).

Definitely not. MOTUC buck are proprietary to the MOTU brand and willnot be used for other brands. This would make a cool pack however!

1. Is the Catra figure a new sculpt or re-use of the Teela/She-Ra body?

Catra uses some of the existing female parts but we are indeed buildingup to a new female buck with some parts introduced, one new femalefigure at a time. The next female figure in the line also utilized afew new parts as well.

2. Is Sy-Clone going to be from the Island of Anwat Gar as seen in the 200x storyline?


3. In the promo videos released featuring the behind the scenes ofMo-Larr it appears a DVD was intended to be included. Just wonderingwhy this didn't make the cut?

Cost cutting issues to keep the set at $40.

4. If the Cat form of Catra were to ever be released - would we belooking at something like a re-use of the Battle Cat sculpt or would itbe a much smaller, new sculpt?

Likely it would be more of a Cringer size, not Battlecat. We don’t haveplans right now for Catra’s Cat form. Maybe one day, as we do knowthere is a lot of fan demand!

5. Based on the new release schedule Matty posted - lots ofre-issues going forward. This is great! Can we expect to see anotherround of He-Man / Skeletor released this year?

Possible, but they both had a re-release in late 2010, so we will rest them for a little bit.

1) Since the MotUC vs' DCUC 2-packs still are only available in theUS and Canada, international collectors have to pay high prices forthem on eBay. Is there any possibility to see the sets or at leastthose Masters figures on MattyCollector in the future once they ain'tavailable in TRU stores anymore?

Mattel: This is a customized item for Toys 'R' Us and it is up to TRUto distribute them. This is not something Mattel controls. They willnot be offered on Mattycollector.com.

2) How will you handle the New Adventures characters that originallyhad removable helmets? Will their MotU Classics versions featureremovable helmets as well, or will they have multiple heads?

Mattel: That remains to be seen. We don't have a set plan and will handle this on a figure-by-figure basis!

3) King Grayskull's Orb of Power is an awesome accessoire, but manycollectors have it lying on the ground. Do you have any plans for somekind of stand to place it on?

Mattel: We have heard the fan demand for this and we'll look intofinding a way to incorporate some type of stand one day down the road.Nothing is planned right now.

4) All He-Fans read the news about your partnership with THQ and thepossibility of a MotU videogame. But what's the real possibility forthat? Would it require a movie to see it, or could we expect a new gameeven without a movie or cartoon?

Mattel: New ways of brining the MOTU brand to consumers is alwayssomething we are looking into, but right now a video game is notlogistically possible. Maybe one day! We know there is demand and we dohave some cool ideas if this ever happens.

5) Many fans are curious about the production process of thefigures. We are aware that you can't go to deep into details. But whatabout some kind of "The Making of a MotU Classics actionfigure"presentation that gives fans a few glimpses from planing stages toactual production? It sure would be fun to see a pic of Toyguruobserving the production sample for shortcomings!

Mattel: This is indeed something we are looking at doing onMattycollector.com. Right now we are working on shoring up the buyingprocess. Once that is working 100% we will look into these types of"Insider's Looks" for sure!

1. If and when you get to the Mini Comic character Granamyr, will herather be scaled down like Tytus was or will he be taller and moreexpensive(more than 40 $)?

He would likely be larger then Tytus and would retail for more.

2. After King Hssss got a second torso, would this also be an optionfor Snake Face? His arms could be removable like on Trap Jaw/ Optikk.

Certainly possible. He will be an interesting figure to tackle andmight be a good candidate for a second head with his snakes revealed!

3. Since the question was misread last time: Is Dread Tread a beast or a vehicle?

It is a vehicle.

4. If the first vehicle will be a success (any doubts?), are vehicles from all eras planned?

Right now we do not have any vehicles past the first 2011 item planned.

5. Are the New Adventures variants of Hydron, Flogg, Hoove and Flipshot considered A-List (quaterly) Variants?

Yes. This slot is more about “figure variants of previously releasedcharacters” as opposed to “A-list character variants” in the long run.There’s nothing planned for these variants now

It has been a good while since we have heard any news regarding theMasters of the Universe film? Do you have any updates to share with us?

Not right now. We know fans want news and as soon as we have some to share, we will!

In regards to other Caligar characters, such as Cerratus who was notin the Filmation cartoon, would his figure still have the retro lookthat Whiplash has or would the figure be more closely based on the MYPdesign with minor classics elements such as furry shorts etc.?

If we did Cerratus from the 2002 series he would be Classic-ized much as Marzo and Carnivus are.

Will the production units for Panthor be doubled in comparison to that of the initial Battle Cat release?

Sorry, we can't comment on any specifics about production runs of any figure.

Have you ever considered producing a decorative carrying case for the MOTUC or Ghostbusters toy lines?

This is something we have looked at but with the limited resources wehave for collector lines, right now we are putting all of our energyinto making the figures as great as possible.

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