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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net (6/1/2011)
June 6, 2011 10:41 am by MegaGearMax

1) Will there ever be a Granite King Grayskull rerelease?

No, this figure was exclusive for SDCC a few years back.

2) In MOTUC, we have heard the term "A-Lister" thrown around alot. What criteria does a particular character have to meet before it can be considered to be an "A-Lister"?

An “A-List” character is one that non super fans would know (your average person) such as He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor or maybe the Sorceress and Hordak.

3) Can you tell us if there are any MOTUC figures on the horizon that may come with a 2nd head?

Quite a few. One figure for the end of 2011 will have 3 heads.

4) As with characters from the Snake Men, Princess of Power, the Evil Horde and the Space Mutants - do you guys plan on doing any box-window stickers for the 3 1987 movie figures that show the MOTU film logo?

No. We do not have rights to this film so the three “film” figures that were in the vintage line will be treated as heroes or villains just like any other character, not a special sub segment of 1987 movie figures.

5) Was the reason Queen Marlena's Space Uniform changed to green simply for the interchangeability option for her dress? Any chance we can get a White version of the Space Suit down the road as a reissue?

We certainly could do a repaint of her in white down the road. Yes, it was green to allow us to give you both the queen and space explorer look in one package. We like to think of this as a “toy version” of space Marlena much as the 1980’s vintage Randor was also a “toy version” and did not necessarily match his comic or animated look.
Infinite Hollywood

2. Tri-Klops hasn't been re-issued. Is there any particular reason why this figure has been held back from MOTUC re-issues?

No particular reason. But overall we are cutting down on the reissues going forward. You won’t see as many in 2012. Tri-Klops might show up but no plans at this point to announce a re-release for him.

5. While many are cautiously optimistic about the "rubber" flesh on Swamp Thing, if this proves to be a success, could we potentially see this used on other DCUC and MOTUC characters if it was deemed appropriate? Or is this just a random, one time usage.

Swamp Thing is indeed a test to see how this type of articulation does. If it is something fans like it is possible we could apply this (when it works aesthetically) to other characters down the road. We’ll have to see what fans say once they have him in their hands!
Elkk Thunder's Toyroom

Was there ever a plan to try and include the suction feature with Leech, like the vintage figure?

No, we did not look into adding an action feature, but that is why we added the net that has suction cups on it!

1) Just out of curiosity: What is the ONE detail tidbit from the bios that you go "Oh wow, I cannot believe the Fans still missed this!"

We haven’t heard too many fans comment on the physical differences between Preternia and Eternia and the rationale for why things changed. Hints are out there!

2) You jump into your DeLorean and travel back in time. What, from the viewpoint of today, would you want to change in regards to MOTUC? (Quality Control stuff like reversed shoulders aside)

Luckily our Hot Wheels team has access to the DeLorean, so Toy Guru is going to jump in and tell you what his thoughts are:

“I would love to have a second crack at some early figures. Inevitably, whomever is in the first few releases for any toy line are clearly going to have things that are fixed and improved on with later figures, it is just the way it goes. I wish we had done an accessory for Stratos and maybe a second head for Faker. I also wish we had used a softer plastic on Teela’s dress. But that is just the way it goes. Early figures are always the testing ground and maybe one day we will be able to update these key characters with all of the key learnings we have picked up over the years!”

3) Fans keep suggesting Cross-Promo toys for years now, like Hot Wheels with MOTU art (or even proper Hot Wheels sized MOTU vehicles), a Teela or She-Ra Barbie doll and so on. Most MOTU fans however aren´t Hot Wheels fans or Barbie collectors and therefore don´t want to register on the specific brands Fan-Website. So, how can we MOTU fans in general show our support for these Cross-Promo toys? Meaning: How can we help to see these products being made?

The best way is to indeed register for these other collector sites and let those brands (i.e. Hot Wheels and Barbie) know what you want to see from their brands. Saying you don’t want to register and post on these sites is holding you back from letting those brand managers know what you want! You need to do this fans!

4) Would it be possible to have a Live-Stream of the next Mattypalooza panel on SDCC? Fans worldwide unable to attend SDCC are sitting in front of their computers, refreshing dozens of websites every other second in hopes of a quick blogger posting the news. A live-stream would be plain awesomeness!

While this is a very cool idea, it takes away from the benefit of being at SDCC and a reward for those who make it out to the show, so this is an idea that will have to wait for another day.

5) In one of the last Q&As it has been mentioned that there is "quite a lot planned with Teela". Can you give us a rough estimate of how many more variants of Teela are in the roadmap to 2017 - from this point of view, that is. And of course we understand it is always subject to change.

Our plans for Teela are not limited to just toys. Stay tuned!
The Ultimate She-Ra Guide

USRG: You've just revealed Megator and Man-E-Faces' bios and boxes. SDCC seems so long away- what can we expect to see before then? (box-art, bios, reveals- anything!)

Matty: At this point our upcoming reveals are pretty much being held for SDCC. We might have an item or two from DCU and GL brands to reveal before the show, but otherwise we want to save our big reveals for San Diego.

USRG: Will the MOTUC Polly Pocket set include a Princess of Power logo as it includes three POP characters?

Matty: The set will include a MOTUC logo, but not a POP logo.

USRG: When you get to Dragstor, would you expect his wheel to sit where the ab-crunch feature is on other male figures or would he require new tooling instead of the standard torso?

Matty: We don’t have a Dragstor figure in the works at this time so these conversations simply have not taken place!

USRG: Catra comes with the sword that Shower-Power Catra was released with in the 80s. Does this reduce the likelihood of us seeing Catra released in this deco?

Matty: Not at all. That version of Catra could potentially be a nice quarterly A-list figure. But nothing is planned at this time.

USRG: In MOTUC, who knows Adora's secret?

Matty: That remains to be seen! Keep reading the bios!

It's pretty safe to say that we will definitely be seeing the first MOTUC vehicle on display at this year's Comic-Con but is there any chance we may also be geting a peek at the next one to follow in it's footsteps?

Not at SDCC 2011. At this point we don’t know if there will be a vehicle in 2012. We need to see how the 2011 fall vehicle does first!

Will She-Ra 2.0 be part of the Club Eternia subscription this year?

No. If we included her we would have had to cancel another figure as we are locked into a specific amount of figures included in the subscription when we sold it.

If you were to ever produce 12" figures of Masters of the Universe in the future, would you develop a new heroic 1/6th muscular buck for the figures?

Yes, if we did 12” MOTUC figures they would need a new 12” buck, but there are no plans for this right now.

1. Is the "Evil Robot" prototype included in the big masterplan through 2017?

We’re not prepared to comment on figures beyond the released vintage figures, but we can tell you we are excited over the prototype figures and the Evil Robot would make a great MOTUC toy. Only time will tell!

2. Now that we get Cringer, will he return some day with different head and as Dylinx cub (maybe flocked?) to go with Keldor?

Always possible but nothing is set right now.

3. There have been some discussions about "Strobo" since the beginning of the line, who is mainly a repaint of the Sy-Klone body with Zodac head and a cape. Now that all parts are there to make him real- is he even possible or in "legal limbo"?

It is not the availability of parts that determine him being released, it is the legal restrictions. And yes, he is still not available (despite his parts being available through Zodak and Sy-Klone)

4. So, when Teela learns that her mother is the Sorceress and she will be the next guardian of Castle Grayskull... she begins to dye her hair and wears a bikini?! Do we have to keep on reading the bios to have this explained?

Yes, you will need to keep following the story. This will be explained. Honestly, we felt continuing Teela’s story was much more interesting then learning why she changed her hair color. But this detail is written and will be revealed in time.

5. Will you ask the reviewers to not reveal the secret accessories that are coming with Megator and Man-E-Faces, so these can still be a surprise?

They won’t be able to reveal the secret accessory because we will be removing it from the package before we send samples out for review!

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