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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net (7/1/2011)
July 5, 2011 9:21 am by MegaGearMax

Special Thanks go out to Daniel Lynch for adding MOTUClassics.com to our monthly Q&As!

Glad to have you aboard!

Pop Culture Network

1) There are a lot of talented figure customizers out there, many of who sculpt and cast their own heads and other parts. What is Mattel's stance on these individuals selling their custom parts either online or in a shop, such as custom heads that fit along with Mattel's product, such as their MOTU Classics line?

It is fun to see how fans produce their own custom figures. We are big fans of this part of the hobby.

2) Are there any plans to see a Captain Randor figure, based on his appearance in the first episode of the MYP cartoon series, complete with removable helmet?

Nothing locked in but this would be a great variant of him in time.

3) Will She-Ra 2.0 have articulated wrists, similar to Bow's? This way she can be posed with her sword aloft in her famous pose?

No she will not.
Elkk Thunder's Toy Room

2- With Megator samples you removed the secret accessory only to have it shown on ebay by a Chinese seller. Is this a downer for the Matty team and what do you do to stop this?

Not in the least. If anything it is a downer for the fans to not have as a surprise now.

5- Can you comment on the media release referencing the deal with Classic Media in regards to Filmation rights?

Classic Media maintains the rights to the Filmation library and is going to be licensing out MOTU goods for the 30th such as T-shirt and other consumer goods with classics animated images.
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MOTUClassics.Com: With Megator’s secret accessory revealed on eBay, is Mattel considering making a bigger/official announcement for Man-E-Faces?

We’d love to keep this still a secret to reward fans with the experience of seeing it first in package. Hopefully it will stay that way.

MOTUClassics.Com:One of the biggest factors for purchasing multiple subscriptions is multiple heads. In 2010, five of the twelve club figures included multiple heads and fans rejoiced. For 2011, twelve of the sixteen basic club figures have been revealed and only one has included an alternate head so far. Will 2012 be more favorable to second heads?

There is no specific rule for when figures will have second heads. We do not want to include this with every figure or it will tend to lose its value as an added bonus. Sometimes figures will have multiple heads, other times they will not.

Megator Secret Accessory Spoilers in this Question! Click on link to see spoilers!
Now that it has been revealed that Megator's secret accesory is ______________, would you consider releasing ____________________ sometime in the future?

We actually are not going to comment on the secret accessory until after he is released for those who still want the joy of experiencing the accessory for the first time when opening the box.

Will the Queen Marlena/Cringer packaging be the same size as last year's Orko/Adam set?

Yes. It uses that blister card.

When will Club Eternia subscribers receive the bonus faction stickers that were announced a few months ago and are there any plans for a discount coupon for the new vehicle perhaps?

Yes, the stickers are coming in the fall to subscribers only but no, there will not be a discount coupon for the vehicle.

We know how important it is to get the MOTUC line into brick and mortar stores is it will insure the life of the line. The DC vs. Masters packs have been a great concept but how about including an exclusive limited edition He-Man and Skeletor figure with next year's 30th Anniversary DVD's? Is this something you have considered pursuing?

It actually is not vital to the line to do this. The line is doing fantastic on Mattycollector.com.
Infinite Hollywood

2. Are there any plans (without giving specifics if you can't) to have any sort of retail exclusives to celebrate the 30th anniversary of MOTU? It seems like the 30th anniversary would give He-Man enough push that major retailers might be interested in some exclusives.

Right now all of the figures will be on Mattycollector.com, but you never know what the future will bring.

3. In the recent DCUC Green Lantern waves, we've seen smaller characters packed into a single card (Dex-Starr & B’dg) and it seems to have been a hit with fans. Is this an option for MOTUC? There are numerous smaller characters that could take a "single" slot. Wouldn't this make sense?

This certainly is something we could do for MOTU. The issue is that a pack like this is a 100% tool’d sku and we are very limited on our tooling budget. It sometimes comes down to doing a pack like this or a new figure like Ram Man as they both take the same amount of tooling. Tough call sometimes!

1.When you get to Kobra Khan would you consider giving him an unattached Snakemen sticker like you did with Preternia Disguise He-Man? That would leave an option for MOC collectors to make him either one of Skeletor's henchmen or a Snakeman.

- While we will not be including extra stickers with individual figures, a sticker sheet with extra team stickers will ship to 2011 subscribers in the fall to sue with a variety of figures. More details will be announced at SDCC!

2. All of the figures have a bio- but with the first vehicle coming here is a suggestion for the box: would you consider some blueprints of the vehicle for the backside instead of a bio?

That is actually exactly what we did! You will see the package at SDCC.

3. Battle Armor He-Man had a starburst telling us that his armor shows dents- but Battle Armor Skeletor didn't come with this- why?

It was accidently left off.

4. Will She-Ra 2.0 and Swift Wind go on sale on the same date?


5. Any month in 2012 ToyGuru/ 4Horsemen are REALLY excited about (without telling the characters)?

Jan 2012 is going to be particularly amazing.

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