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Mattel Exploring Possibilty of Higher Prices for Non Sub Holders on Sale Day
August 24, 2011 6:29 pm by MegaGearMax

While this news isn't outright MOTUC related (not yet anyway), the answer Toyguru gives could be a POSSIBLE direction that Mattel could pursue on the 15th with non-sub fans.

Dont even think of increasing the DC Sub figures from $15 to $20

If you are even cosidering putting that on the table as an option to make the Infinite Earths sub go forward anyway (and go against your good word that 100% buy-in was definately needed, which obviously wasnt met). It is ill advised.

You are no doubt weighing your options and legal responsabilities causing your delay in addressing your customers while accruing interest on the funds being held.

Your customers have already submitted their payments and Digital River has been holding their funds under the agreement that the regular sized figures would be $15 each, larger figures would be $30 each.

If you try to increase the price point or alter the contract, terms & conditions and attempt to charge more than what was agreed to without each individual customers consent you will be reported to the BBB and attorney generals office for predatory sales tactics, misrepresenting contract terms, unauthorized alterations or additions/omitions to agreed upon contracts (i.e. forgery) and have your merchant account yanked for credit card processing fraud.

While in NO WAY is this message intended to be a "you must make the sub happen" post, in all fairness, consider this fair warning that you may have to cancel the subscription, cancel the orders and promptly refund moneys to each customer's original method of payment (i.e. not store credit. Not vouchers for alternate product) or you can break the law and have your already very happy customers elated to report you en mass and see your online front prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Even if it only deals with the Digital River end of this business, for the time being.

I just wanted to make sure fair warning and a reminder of the laws you have to abide by in each country you conduct business in are put out there so you can make an educated decision bound by your legal confines that are also vital to continuing to do your brand of business here.

Also due to comments made by staff construed as an admission of guilt on Mattel and/or Digital River's part for contributing to the potential rigging of the marketplace by lowering production resulting in artificial shortages that cater to 3rd party resellers on the aftermarket which may unfairly cause consumers to pay more than they reasonably should have to pay for product, within reasonable timeframes of availability, due entirely to your willful actions. This may also be looked into and forwarded to the proper legal chanels conducting an investigation into your business practices which may involve a class action lawsuit where your past customers may opt "all-in" on any settlements made.

It is also ill advised to delete or edit this post as it will be posted elsewhere beyond the reach of your control, should you attempt to charge more then previously stated or alter any contract that your customers agreed upon. This post and information contained within it will be made available elsewhere to inform your customers of their legal rights. Your interferance may result in further legal action taken against you.

If the sub goes through it will be at the advertised price.

However, we are exploring the possibilty of higher prices for non sub holders who buy product day of (i.e. cherry pickers). This is similar to how magaiznes cost more at a news stand vs. having a subscription. This is only one of many options we are exploring based on the subscription numbers we got (less then the needed 100%) and is not at all the direction we are for sure going in. Right now we are just exploring many options to see if anything is possible to keep the sub alive based on the lower then expected sub interest.

But for those who bought a sub, if the sub goes forward you are locked in to the advertised prices even if maybe possibly day of prices goes up slightly (1 or 2 dollars).

If the sub is canceled, yes of course full refunds will be given for any charges!
Toyguru visited the forums and goes on further to explain....

We don't know at this point if we are even going in this direction for any subs, but it is something being reviewed since all of the subs were down (and DC did not even hit the bare min we need to move forward! At least MOTU did that!).

Also, keep in mind, currently we are still selling MOTUC figures for the same price we sold them for in 2008. If their are no price increases that means in 2012 we will have held prices for 4 years and skipped over two company wide manditory price increases. (look at DCUC, in 2008 they were at 9.99 and in 2011/2012 they are 14.99, yet MOTUC has not gone up).

One of the reason we are running into cost issues on character like Draego Man is because we have been maintaining the 2008 pricing but our costs keep going up. We are doing everything we can to keep figures at this cost, but with the increased cost of raw goods, the increase in labor costs and now the lower production due to lower sub sales we will need to make some hard choices. We certainly don't want to sacrifice quality, (and won't!) but if it means losing an accessory or slightly raising prices, nothing is off the table. At the end of the day this line needs to make sense from a buisness perspective and we simply can not afford to continue charging 2008 pricing.

But I will confirm (as stated above) if you bought a sub you are locked into that price. We will hold to that.

Everyother option to keep this line (and all collector lines) going strong is being reviewed and discussed. We won't know an answer for a few more weeks if their are any price increasing in 2012 or 2013, but we are looking into it if it will keep the line going. Regardless, their will be no price increases for sub holders. If you bought a sub you are locked in.

Hope that helps!


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