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Results for the 2011 He-Man.org Official Figure Fan Choice!
December 15, 2011 9:42 am by JVS3

The results are in!
2,082 votes were placed to determine He-Man.org's submission to Mattel official subscriber poll to determine a monthly MOTUC slot in 2013.

Illumina was the official He-Man.org winner!

The German fan community selected Geldor as their entry into the poll. So both Illumina and Geldor will make up 2 of the 8 choices provided by Mattel.
Who will the other 6 obscure character candidates be as chosen by Mattel?
When will the Club Eternia subscriber poll take place?
How do Club Eternia subscribers actually vote?
We'll post those details when they become available next year!

So how did all 18 figures rank in our poll? Here are the final voting results:

24,763 points: 
24,554 points: Huntara
24,261 points: Hawke
24,192 points: Crimson Fury
23,929 points: Geldor
23,546 points: Delora
23,509 points: Demon, Green, Mask of Power
23,281 points: General Sunder
22,278 points: Demon, Red, Mask of Power
22,179 points: Garn
18,232 points: Ileena
18,013 points: King Hiss' slave girl
17,543 points: Skelcons
15,967 points: Kamo Khan
14,718 points: Scrollos
14,713 points: Strobo
12,905 points: Josh
7,439 points: Yellow Warrior in tug of war

Each voter arranged the figures from most favorite to least favorite. Selections were assigned a point value, with the top choice receiving 18 points and the bottom choice receiving 1 point.

As you can see, Illumina and Huntara were pretty close.

Huntara is considered by many fans to be an Obvious List figure and were surprised she was even in the poll (see the info on the poll to see what we mean by Obvious List). She was also noted by Scott Neitlich as a Filmation character option for a potential figure. But we couldn't verify if she is or isn't in the works for release in the next couple of years. It's quite possible Huntara may already be under serious consideration by Mattel. Time will tell!

Hawke was the next contender, even holding the #2 position for quite a while. With her appearance in both the Filmation and MYP cartoon, she has a history that spans two incarnations of MOTU.

Crimson Fury grabbing the #4 slot was a bit of a surprise. Fans have speculated his ranking on the poll may have been due to his default position at the top of the list. A percentage of voters may not have thoroughly sorted the entire list, pushing Crimson Fury to the top as a matter of circumstance. If you look at the placement of some of the other characters by alphabetical sequence, this may in fact be true. But then again, fans may just love Crimson Fury!

At the bottom of the poll was the Yellow Warrior. Given the considerable difference in points between this character and Josh directly above him, it's safe to say the Yellow Warrior is not demanded at all. Some fans wonder why he even made the list at all. But if you go back and look at the original poll info and take into account all the figures ahead of him that were bumped due to tooling restrictions and other factors, you can see how he made it into the voting. We wouldn't expect a Yellow Warrior figure any time soon.

Thank you to everyone who voted! We'll be passing the results to Mattel today.
And fans have also made today Illumina Day to celebrate the character! Click here to find out how you can participate.

Click here to discuss these results on the Org forum!

Also, are you curious what the results would have been like if you only had 1 choice? Then please head over the the poll subsection of the Org forums and vote in the fan poll that does just that! Please do it today!
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