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The Latest QC Issue: Fearless Photog's Lens Might Come Cracked
February 21, 2012 9:39 pm by MegaGearMax

He-Man.org member Sallah reports that 3 out of 4 of his newly arrived Fearless Photog figures came with a cracked lens. The cracked lens appears to make it more difficult to move the lens in and out of Photog's head.

Toyguru was quick to weigh in on this situation:

"Of the 10 I opened at Mattel for QC check none had this issue. We have plenty in stock for exchanges if anyone has any QC problems. It is hard to catch these things is none of the samples we recieve in our QC checks are damaged."

When asked about checking the figures in Hong Kong by .org member Prahvus, TG replied:

"They are checked in HK. It is possible these were damaged in transit but I am making that up. I honestly do not know since all of the samples we recieved at Mattel to review were fine. I truly regret when anything less then perfect arrives, but you can contact CS for a replacement if you have damaged product. I really do feel your pain! Totally stinks when anything is not perfect. We work way to hard for items to arrive anything less then perfect. Kills me to see anything like this, especially when there is nothing I can do when all of the samples I reviewed were fine. But you can have CS replace damaged product. So sorry."

See what the fans have to say about these Quality Control problems HERE! If you have find that your Photog's lens is cracked, then you might want to post about it in that very same thread, so that Mattel and the fans can see how widespread the problem is!

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Photog Cracked Lens
Photog Cracked Lens
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