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Filmation Soundtrack Coming May 14th!
April 16, 2012 7:58 am by MegaGearMax

He-Man.org member musclor.fr.st reports some rather exciting (not to mention long-waited) news! And it's just in time for the 30th Anniversary of MOTU!

Big news!

For those who are waiting for the release of the original Filmation soundtrack that was available back in the days only in France and in Argentina, your wait is finally served!

13Bis records will release on May the 14th the original soundtrack of Masters Of The Universe!

You can read the news on : http://www.13bisrecords.com

EDIT: Just to clarify things, everything was written in my first post. This is the release on CD of what was available on the agentinian audio cassette and also on the french vinyl disc back in the 80's! So it contains the same content. This is an official item, not a bootlegged one made of mp3 files.

Here is the track listing :
1. Masters of the Universe 2’50 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
2. Teela's theme 1’25 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
3. Orko's theme 1’52 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)

4. Sweet Dreams 1’55 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
5. Castle Grayskull 1’25 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
6. The Royal Family 1’42 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
7. Orko's Crazy Race 0’55 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
8. Snake Mountain's theme 2’00 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
9. Méditation 1’50 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
10. Orko and the time whell machine 1’30 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
11. The Magic Planet 3’00 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
12. A Friend in Need 16’00 (originale story from the TV episode)
13. Masters of the Universe (Alternative Version) 2’48 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)
14. Masters of the Universe (Spanish intro) 3’30 (Haim Saban / Shuky Levy)

So It countains the 12 bgms that we all know, the spanish introduction (because it has a song inside). The one name "12. Les bons amis 16’00 (Une histoire originale extraite de la série TV)" is the episode "A friend in need" that was available on the french vinyl disc.

The company 13 BIS RECORD is a serious compagny and will not try to release a bootleged disc.

And here is the e-mail of some one working at 13 bis records : [email protected] . You can try to contact him for more news. He will forward to the team who's in charge of this project.

See what the fans are saying about this exciting news HERE!

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