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New documentary for a possible 25th anniversary Masters of the Universe 87 Movie DVD
April 16, 2012 1:29 pm by Emiliano

Over the last couple months Gary Goddard -- the director of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: THE MOTION PICTURE, and Roger Lay Jr -- the director of the upcoming documentary feature film TOY MASTERS had been working on producing an all new documentary which focuses on the difficulties faced by cast and crew during the making of MOTU: THE MOTION PICTURE. The live action film was produced in 1986-1987 during the later days of the toy line when sales had begun to decline drastically and to make matters worse the film was being produced by Cannon Films - a studio that was on it's way to going out of business. Goddard had to face these and other major challenges on a daily basis to complete the film. This new documentary would've revealed those details through a series of all new interviews with the film's key creative personnel and cast members.

Last year Lay and Goddard began discussions to develop and produce a new version of Goddard's cult classic science fiction series CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE. The first step to reintroduce the franchise was to release the classic episodes on DVD so Lay set out to produce a 25th anniversary DVD set of the complete series with over 6 hours of all new special features including the feature length documentary OUT OF THE ASHES: THE MAKING OF CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE. The 25th anniversary DVD went on to receive an overwhelmingly positive series of reviews and quickly sold out at the distributor level. The set has now gone into a second printing. Inspired by the success of the CAPTAIN POWER DVD set Goddard approached Warner Home Video about re-releasing the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE film on DVD for it's 25th anniversary including all the new special features he and Lay had begun working on. Even Bryan Singer (Director, X-MEN, USUAL SUSPECTS) agreed to come onboard to moderate an all new commentary track with Goddard and Frank Langella (Skeletor).After months of communication and positive response from the studio, Goddard was told that they would not move forward with their plan to re-issue the film at the moment.

Both Lay and Goddard were immensely disappointed since they had begun compiling and creating a plethora of all new content which would have made this reissue a very special DVD for fans of the film and the Masters franchise.

Here's a short sample of the new documentary that was meant to be the centerpiece of the new DVD reissue of the film. If the new anniversay DVD won't be released, Lay still plans on including this material in the special features of his upcoming TOY MASTERS film when it is released on DVD / BLU-RAY.

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