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Vykron, Griffin, Horde Prime, Snake Ma-At-Arms Bios and Packaging Revealed!
May 7, 2012 2:12 pm by MegaGearMax

Mattel has released a bunch of new bios about upcoming figures!

Vyrkon - Ultimate Eternian Champion
Real Name: Vyrkon

Fifty years before Prince Adam was born, Vyrkon the Warrior fought in the gladitorial arena of Lord Choloh, ruler of the Vine Jungle. Learning from each defeated opponent, he became a master of many combat techniques and weapons. As much a chapion as a showman, he would often dress in outlandish garb to rouse the crowd and show off his skills. In his final match, he fought against the great Gygor. Before a cheering crowd, the evil fighting gorilla ripped Vykron's body in half, at long last defeating the arena champion. Following this match, Gygor claimed not only the arena championship but rule of the Jungle itself, forcing Choloh to abdicate his throne. In life, Vykron was the greatest of Choloh's gladitorial warriors, fighting in any environment at any time.

Vykron's bio was revealed by Scott on a soon-to-be-posted episode of Roast Gooble Dinner

Griffin - Evil Flying Beasts
Real Name: Varies

Griffins, great flying beasts originally brought to Eternia by Star Merchants, broke free and lived in a wild colony deep in the Vine Jungle. Here they were once again enslaved, becoming the steed of choice for the savage Beast Men living in their treetop villages. Raqquill Rqazz, a Beast Man serving Skeletor from Snake Mountain often calls upon serveral Griffins to carry him and his master into battle. During the Second Ultimate Battleground, several hundred Griffins were commanded to attack Grayskull Tower, hoping to weaken the Master's defense perimeter. Soaring high above Eternia, Griffins bring terror to those below! 

Matty confirms that Beast Man will go on sale the same day if you need a rider for your new flying beast!

Horde Prime - Supreme Ruler of the Horde Empire
Real Name: Anillis Kur

Evil dictator of a galaxy spanning empire, the tyrannical Horde Prime rules from his throne on Horde World. Systematically wiping out many of the Cosmic Enforcers, Anillis gained his greatest triumph when he infected his arch enemy He-Ro with a mind wiping techno-organic virus and banished him to the far off magical planet of Eternia. Knowing his scheming younger brother's ambition, Anillis sent him on a foolish quest to ensure He-Ro was defeated, never realizing that in doing so he would set about a destined series of events that five millennia later would lead to his defeat at the hands of the twin warriors He-Man and She-Ra! 

And last, but not least...

Snake Man-At-Arms - Transformed Master of Weapons
Real Name: Duncan of the Viper Clan

Duncan heroically served King Randor throughout their battles with Skeletor and the Snake Men as Eternia's chief war strategist and weapons maker. Exposed to the Serpent's Ring, Duncan was magically transformed by King Hsss into a Snake Man permanently. Under this evil spell, he used his genius to create great and horrific machines of war for the Snake Men, as they battled for control of Eternia. Eventually, Duncan was forced to battle against Clamp Champ, who had since replaced him as Royal Man-At-Arms. In their epic final duel during the Second Ultimate Battleground, Duncan was mortally wounded, but not before momentarily recovering his humanity thanks to a spell cast by his daughter Teela, the new Sorceress of Grayskull.

It's Man-At-Arms transformed by the evil power of the Serpent ring. He would have been a major season 3 villain in the 200X series, but now making his debut in the Classics line - including issue 2 of the all new 30th mini comic!

See what the fans have to say about Vykron's Bio HERE!

For fan reaction to Grffin, Horde Prime and Snake Man-At-Arms' bios, go HERE!

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