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(UPDATED) Gangstor Disqualified from Create-A-Character Contest Runners-Up
July 18, 2012 7:24 pm by MegaGearMax

The MOTUC Create-A-Character Fan Vote Runner-Up #5, Gangstor by Oscar McDonald was disqualified earlier this evening by Toyguru when it was discovered that the artist previously posted his Runner-Up entry on his DeviantArt page.

Toyguru spoke on the situation in a post on Ask Matty on Mattycollector.com:

Yes. Had we known Gangstor was posted he would not have been a runner up. He is unfortunately now disqualified and will no longer be a runner up. (and since I know fans might ask, their will not be a replacement runner up, we will now only have 4 runner ups instead of 5). Thanks for pointing this out.

And for anyone else who entered, please do not post images of your entry. We still have plans for all the entries. We want to give Daniel his "year" but after that, many of the other entries may find a home. Anyone who posts their entry will be disqualified from any future use. Hate to be the meanie, but it was made very clear on the entry form that all entries are the property of Mattel. Please do not post any entry whether it won or lost the contest. All are property of Mattel. Part of the rules. ;-)


EDIT: To clarify all the PMs I am getting, I had to follow legal's rec, this was not my call. But since I control the budget we are still going to honor the prize. I personally feel it is the right thing to do. But officially, per legal, Gangstor is no longer a runner up and will not be noted as thus.


Oz.Muerte has issued a statement about his disqualification.

See what the fans have to say HERE!

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Gangstor SDCC Slide ArtworkGangstor Deviant Art
Gangstor SDCC Slide ArtworkGangstor Deviant Art
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