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Not attending Power-Con and want the free MOTUC accessory?
August 16, 2012 12:56 pm by TheShadow

Mattel is bringing a secret MOTUC accessory that will be given out to the first 1000 tickets sold for Power-Con 2012. Read the news by clicking here.

FOR FANS WHO CANNOT ATTEND THE POWER-CON 2012 CONVENTION:We know that a lot of fans who unfortunately cannot attend Power-Con this year will still want to get their hands on this secret accessory that will be first available at Power-Con.

After speaking with Mattel, we have come up with a solution.Any fan who is not attending the convention needs to find a friend who is attending. That friend must purchase that fan a Sunday pass for $15.00. This would be in addition to their own pass to enter the convention. The friend can purchase multiple passes to help multiple fans.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The friend ATTENDING the convention must buy the additional ticket(s). The ticket(s) MUST be in their name and they will have to show proper ID and their PayPal print out receipt.

Your friend can then redeem their extra coupons they will receive with the additional ticket for the accessory AND pick a print for you. So, not only do you now have a chance to get the accessory, you have an opportunity to get one of the exclusive convention prints.

Power-Con / ThunderCon is not responsible for sending you the items or refunding you any money if you do not receive your accessory and print. It is all up to whomever you work with that is going to attend the convention to get these items to you. You can always check our Trader feedback or ask for the person's eBay feedback.

In summary, attendees may buy multiple passes and redeem multiple tickets. But, it is still first-come, first serve for the first 1000 ticket holds, so please purchase your ticket in advance today to secure your accessory, especially if you plan to attend the show!

If you would like to find a friend or be a friend to someone else, please visit this thread in the marketplace:He-Man.org Forums Marketplace.Power-Con nor He-Man.org is responsible for any deals negotiated between users.Even though TheShadow posted this, he and the other Power-Con staff cannot obtain the accessory for you.

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