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MOTUC Q&A From Around The Net (8/15/2012)
August 17, 2012 8:42 am by MegaGearMax

The bi-monthly Q&A's are back! And this time, Greatrebellion.org joins the Q&A's!!!

greatrebellion.org NEW!!!

TGR Admins ask: Hi Matty, thanks for including TGR in Ask Matty! We really appreciate that. Given that MOTUC is going through very hard times, is there anything a small site but fairly large facebook community like ours can do to help out? We'd really love to do more to thank Toyguru, his crew and the Horsemen for the years of a
wesome figures they gave us and help ensure we'll have many more to come.

Spreads the word! Without sub sales we can't continue these very small collector lines.

Rock.Vivien.5 asks Eldor is a concept character but is he considered as a must have? If 2013 and 2014 have no concept characters, I can't imagine a collection without him!

Eldor is a prototype character, not a concept character and we would give much more weight to prototype characters as needed to "complete the line".

MossyMan79 asks: For 5 days now I have been trying to sign up for the MOTU and DC subs. I get the same error message over and over again at the submit-order page. I see others have the same issue but no one is replying to this issue. Surely this has to be affecting the numbers at least some. Can you shed some light on when this will be fixed. I want to sign up!!

This issue has indeed been fixed

Jason.Lee.718 asks: Have you ever thought of doing a hot wheels MOTU line of the vehicles in the series? I thought about this after seeing the batman hotwheels line. I could see collectors and new fans going for these if do die cast talon fighters, wind raiders, landsharks, etc.

Right now there are not enough MOTU customers to justify this amount of tooling for 100% tool'd vehicles

DO4M asks: Has Mattel considered working with a 3rd party to make MOTUC Scale model kits of the MOTU vehicles like they did in the 80s with Monogram Models? (they would look great with the Fighting Foe Men)

A cool idea but no plans right now


I would like to know that if you make characters such as Twistoid or Rotar, they would be considered as large scale figures, because of the accessories amount and if they will have some alternative to put them some legs.

There are many options open to us.We simply have not gotten there yet so this type of conversation hasn't taken place.

Do you consider characters like; Octavia, Scorpia, Icer, Strong-Arm, Batros, Dylamug, etc.as Filmation's heavy hitters that should be made as M.O.T.U.C. figures?

These are definitely some of the heavy hitters among others.

Looking at the result of what you did with Horde Prime (giving him a "human" form), one amazing figure and a great addition to the Evil Horde, have you considered to do the same with Light Hope?

A cool idea but we don't have a Light Hope figures planned right now so this type of conversation simply has not taken place.

Would you consider for 2014 a M.O.T.U.C. free sub (like the one you have for Watchmen?

We need to see how 2013 sells in before reviewing options for 2014.

Q: The Fighting Foe Men (and woman) have a huge amount of paint detail on their on the accessories and themselves. Is this one of those instances of the Horsemen overdoing the deco and it might be scaled back? Or now that the prices are higher we will get all those details assuming the sub reaches its minimum?

A: We are working much closer with them on how much paint can be applied so that the prototypes are closer to final product. How the FFM will wind up is yet to be seen. We are too far off to make a call on whether we will need to cost reduce deco or not to hit our price point.

Q: Assuming subs hit the minimum does the new perk of early access open the opportunity for you guys to put out more stuff outside the sub like larger Beasts or recoloring a Snake Men pack, and is there consideration for you guys to go in that direction?

A: We won’t be adding anything new to 2013 but will certainly look at this for 2014.

Q: I loved how you collected the first MOTUC DC comic and the Sir Laser Lot comic together for SDCC give aways. Can we look forward to any more of these mash-ups now that there are three digital firsts (MAA and Battle Cat) and a second issue coming out shortly?

A: Nothing planned right now but you never know!

Q: How cool do you think it is that Blade and Saurod have actually made videos of themselves asking to save the line? Do you guys have the rights to make their figures anyway?

A: Really awesome. We clearly owe them figures!!!!

Q: The concept and unmade characters have always been some of my favorites in the line, you had said you want to concentrate on vintage going forward is 2013/2014 pans out. Will you be able to possibly hit some concept items outside the sub or for exclusives (like Strobo)?

A: Based on the low interest in the sub, this is one category we may need to shy away from in favor of getting to more vintage figs. We will have way fewer slots in 2014 and will need to use each one wisely. Likely none will be concept figures.

Infinite Hollywood

1. Now that we have Spikor, is there any chance for a MOTU hammer hand accessory in a future weapons pack? Spikor was seen with a hammer hand in the vintage Terror Claws Strike comic.

A cool idea but no plans right now.

2. If the MOTUC sub sales continue to be an issue going forward, does this mean we'll see more "cost efficient" figures, such as fan requested repaints like red Beastman?

No. It means we will concentrate on the vintage figures and the most fan demanded POP and NA/Filmation characters.

3. With the MOTUC line having it's difficulty, does this make something like the Mini Masters less of a possibility or more of one, given that the price on them would likely be less and more palpable to fan's wallets! We still really want these guys! There's a good demand for them and it's an easy sell so long as they stick to vintage characters and such that fans are dying for in this format.

That is a toss up. Doing an all new line of mini figures might be a way to keep MOTU going if 6": figures cost more to produce then fans will pay. Anything is possible.

(Not a MOTU question, but something that we might see for MOTUC)

4. We're starting to see more pre-order type things pop up on Mattycollector, such as the new DC figures and the BTTF hoverboard. Is this something we'll continue to see expand?

Yes, likely we will go more towards a build to order model and offer fewer skus going forward now that 6" figures cost more to produce then fans will pay.

Elkkthunder's Toy Room

Are there any plans for 2013 figures after what we saw @ SDCC or everything is done until a movie year?

We don't have more to reveal right now.

Are there at all any changes that are planned for 2013 to ensure more main-line characters or is 2013 completely fixed?

2013 is fixed but we will make changes to 2014 now.

Of all the new figures shown @ SDCC was Ram-man the one that excited the team the most or is it something we have yet to see for 2013?

"Personally, for me the coolest fig was King He-Man. He just looks so flippin cool and his accessory (Battle Damaged Electronic Power Sword) is my favorite in the line so far. I love that he takes the brand "forward" into new areas. Oh, and he's Spector's boss, so that is cool too!"

Kastor’s Korner

Kastor’s Korner: Netossa should be colored in metallics (blue and silver), as opposed to the blue and light blue already seen on Frosta, but it has been said that she can’t be changed now. How can paint not be changed given she is 6 months off, while Frosta (an October figure) was still getting final touches on her hair and cape, per ToyGuru?

Mattel: The paint deco is chosen by the Four Horsemen and we are doing with their deco.

Kastor’s Korner: Fans of Frosta wanted a translucent look for her cape after Toy Fair. The sculptor wanted both hair and cape to have this effect. Mattel appeared to choose just the hair based on what we saw at SDCC, which no one seems to want. Has there been a final decision yet? Fans would love to see her hair solid light-blue again like at Toy Fair.

Mattel: Her cape is not translucent.

Kastor’s Korner: Given how the Star Sisters– actual PoP characters– were received, why did you decide to show an even more obscure and expensive item of unproven characters like the Fighting Foe Men at such a crucial time like sub purchasing?

Mattel: We made the Fighting Foe Men because fans have been asking for the model kit drivers for years. This figure set was 100% due to fan requests and was not actually part of the original road map. We added it in due to fan requests for these figures!


1. Like you promised us, we’ve got so much MotU Merchandise this 30th anniversary year. Amazing! Thank you. But the birthday year is not over ;-) Can we expect something more, we do not know yet?

It all depends on what Classic Media licenses out.

2. Please tell us, how many legs are in the 50$ slot MotUC Item package? (questioned before the army builder pack info)


3. Dennis from Berlin: Is Gwildor on your Vintage road map? Okay, many fans do not like him, but he was in the film, in the comics… I made my 3 new subs for having all Vintage, Gwildor, too ;-)

Every vintage figure is/was on the roadmap but now that the 2013 sub only hit the bare min we have tossed out the roadmap.

4. How many non-sub MotUC items have you planned for 2013?

A handful.


How does Mattel want to bring new customers into the Masters toyline when Day-Of sales will be reduced to a bare minimum in 2013?

Most new customers are mainly interested in the top characters like He-Man and Skeletor who are available year round.

Why does Mattel offer 3-packs that include obscurities? Many collectors just ain't willing to subscribe anymore if they have to spend so much money on sets who cater to just a rather small hardcore-fan portion.

3 packs are offered only when the figures are a set of 3. Had we only offered say Tallstar as a single, fans would be asking for us to "complete" the Star Sisters and in the case of both SS and the FFM since they were a complete set of 3 it made way more sense to offer them all at once rather than as single releases and risk not getting to them all and not "completing the team" if you will.

Are there specific reasons behind adding repainted Clawful and Chief Carnivus weapons to the upcoming Weapons Pak? Are those weapons supposed to fit certain figures?

Yes, these were choices Mattel design made for the pack based on their personal preference.

Why ain't it economically feasible anymore to produce enough figures for both subscribers and non-subscribers? Back in 2009, the toyline performed perfectly fine without the need of subscriptions.

Because of the extreme low run of these figures we need to show guaranteed sales to management in order to justify the resources.

At this year's SDCC, we didn't hear anything about the Mini Masters that were shown last year. Do you have any plans for those or are they off the table?

We have not yet found a retail partner interested in these and currently do not have the resourcces to produce these for Mattycollector.com.


MOTUClassics.Com Asks: We know that Granamyr can’t stand on his own, but how tall/long is the figure from head to toe?

Over 30 inches.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: Rattlor’s MO2K Armor was cut due to the paint apps needed on the figure, is there any plan to get that armor back out to collectors?

We hope to find a way some day.

The sites listed below are the sites who want to participate in the Q&A round-up in these threads and on the He-Man.org homepage news entry.
Be sure to check out their sites! There's a lot there to see in addition to the Q&As.

ElkkThunders Toy Room
greatrebellion.org NEW!!!

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