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La-La Land express interest in a CD release of the classic score from the Filmation MOTU cartoon.
August 22, 2008 7:07 am by Emiliano

La La Land Records just recently put out an awesome new version of the score from the 1987 live-action MOTU movie, which was limited to 3000 copies.
We were all geared up to tell you about it, while we did a little free-give-away promotion with them.
But they sold out in less than a month!
There are still a few copies available on Amazon, and you can probably find it on eBay.

But, La-La Land has expressed interest in doing a CD release of the classic score from the Filmation MOTU cartoon.
The only thing is they aren't sure there is enough interest to justify the pursuit.
Come on He-Fans and She-Ravers... surely if La-La Land can sell 3000 copies of the live-action movie score, we all know they can sell far more of the classic cartoon score that many of us have wanted for years.
So tell them!
Click here to visit their Info section, and send and e-mail to their management contact letting them know you want to see the classic cartoon score released on CD!

As far as our original free-give-away goes, congratulations to the following 4 members of He-Man.org who won a free copy of the live-action movie score!
A. Chandler (AKA: Machinitess)
J. Scotti (AKA: J-Sun)
D. Spezz (AKA: evenflow)
D. Linari (AKA: danny)

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