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Toyguru explains about the failed credit charges for Castle Grayskull
November 22, 2013 8:22 am by MegaGearMax

In the last few days, fans have been getting their credit cards charged for the upcoming Castle Grayskull playset. Unfortunately, some fans have had their order cancelled if there were insuficient funds or the card that was used to order Grayskull had changed over time.

Toyguru weighs in:

Castle fans,

We are starting to send out payment authorizations to begin shipping the Castle. If we tried to authorize your card and it failed you should get an email altering you to this. When the CC fails, the Castle order is "canceled". To quickly uncancel and ensure your Castle comes as intended, please just simply call CS and confirm a current card.

I realize that many of you already switched cards during the year and there are reports coming in that the old card was charged. I apologize for this, but as noted above, please just call CS today and clarify your current card so it can be charged.

There is some urgency as any unclaimed Castles by Dec 5th will be added to the "day of stock" on Dec 16th at $300.00. So to ensure you get your Castle at the presale price, and your presale X sell poster, make sure your current card is on file. If you received an email notifying you we could not charge your card, call 1-877- GO MATTY as soon as possible.

Also, as we need everyone's help, please help repost this message on all of your Facebook accounts or web pages. We want to ensure all preorder customers receive there Castle at the preorder price.



TG goes further to explain about the automated system responses.

Hey guys,

First off, please, deep breath. Things are getting resolved and will continue to do so. To clarify some issues:

The email noting "order canceled by your request" and noting "item may be out of stock" is a generic automated response that is not specific to the current situation. A better reply would have been:

"Due to a credit card failure (ie expired, not sufficient funds) we were not able to process your order yet. Here is what to do. Just call customer service and update your cc info. The castle is definitely not out of stock and we know you did not cancel your order at your request. Because of the way our ordering system works, we do need to technically cancel your original order, but we will quickly set up a new order at the original price. Especially to those customers who did call over the last year to update their card, we sincerely appologise for this inconvienence."

Unprecedented toy, glitches will happen. Not excusing this, want to let you know doing all we can to resolve as quickly as possible. Preorder customers will not have to resolve to day of ordering. One quick call to CS to provide updates payment and a new order will be issued.

That non-applicable automated message did not help, but please disregard it in lieu of these updates. All should be hunkey doorey in a day or so. Please just hang in there. Not the best, but not the end of the world.

Let Val know if any other pressing questions and he can forward to me.

If mod can please updated the thread name with "UPDATED" that would be appreciated.


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